High temperature online shopping hot vegetables cited fresh electricity supplier into a small peak c

fresh industry to introduce a small peak

recently, although the twenty-four solar term in the great heat has in the past few days, but the hot summer let people go shopping in still sweating, perspiration comes down like raindrops. Therefore, some users began to choose online ordering vegetables and fruits, resulting in this year’s fresh electricity supplier industry due to the external factors of high temperature weather ushered in a small peak orders.

not long ago, with the help of government docking fresh electricity supplier, the fresh prospects look bright, with some large electricity providers, Jingdong such as suning.com and Amazon to enter the industry of fresh, fresh industry into the hot state, but want the fresh field so successful is not easy to do, in the early stage of cost etc.higher no stable supply, cold chain logistics has become a dominant factor in the part of fresh electricity providers have offline. Fresh industry as early as a few years ago, the electricity supplier began to participate, but the slow development of cold chain logistics leading to difficult to make progress in the fresh industry. Recently, as part of the fresh electricity supplier to test the water cold chain logistics coupled with hot weather led to online ordering vegetables hot lead the next generation of fresh industry into a small peak, said here is a small peak compared with the previous off-season. Fresh industry ushered in a small peak, cold chain logistics is also in a tense period.

fresh, literally we can see its meaning, refers to the process of fresh without cooking, deep processing production, only the necessary fresh and simple sorting shelves and the sale of primary products, need fresh, refrigerated. When customers choose this business of fresh goods, in the selection, will pay attention to the speed of the logistics, because it is a fresh product, must use cold chain logistics (cold chain logistics refers to the refrigerated and frozen food in the production, storage and transportation, sales to the consumer before each link is always in a specified temperature environment next, in order to ensure food quality and reduce food losses in a system engineering. ). At this time, some of the electricity supplier may be faster in other aspects of logistics speed, but in fresh areas may be difficult to be able to fast delivery, even if some businesses can achieve customer satisfaction, but the high cost of cold chain still lets the small fresh electricity is difficult to support, resulting in part of the fresh electricity providers have offline.

with the fresh industry into a small peak period, part of the logistics company to test the water temperature cold chain logistics, cold chain logistics in the future development or there will be a lot of space. Now, with the cost of cold chain logistics is gradually reduced, cold chain logistics has gradually become more and more part of the small fresh electricity supplier operating down the main reason, which also led to some small electricity providers have entered the fresh cold chain logistics industry, resulting in the tense period, because of the small fresh without their large cold storage or refrigerated fleet cold chain logistics companies to become their choice, resulting in cold chain logistics company ushered in a period of tension.

high temperature online shopping vegetables cause fresh electricity supplier industry to enter the small peak caused by the cold chain also ushered in a tense period, which, A5 (http://s.admin5.com) editor >

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