The performance and Countermeasures of e-commerce security in China

Abstract: security is an important factor in the development of e-commerce in china. The security problems of e-commerce information security, transaction security and property security aspects. It has four levels: hardware, software, application and environment. Various measures should be taken to deal with security challenges and promote the further development of e-commerce in china.

from the beginning of the last century 90 e-commerce model, e-commerce in China has achieved rapid development. Implement the "Golden Bridge", "gold card", "Golden Gate", "Golden Tax Project" greatly accelerated the pace of development of e-commerce in China, the breadth and depth of e-commerce has been an unprecedented expansion in all aspects of national economy and daily life. However, there are some factors restricting the development of e-commerce, security issues is one of them. Security issues not only cause huge economic losses, but also a serious blow to people’s confidence in e-commerce.

first, the performance of security issues

1, information security

information security refers to a variety of reasons caused by information leakage, information loss, information tampering, false information, information lag, information is not perfect, and the resulting risks. Specific performance: theft of commercial secrets; trade secrets; tampering with the transaction information, authenticity and integrity of the destruction of information; receiving or sending false information, damage, theft of trade transaction results; false trading information; delete illegal transaction information; transaction information; viruses; hackers.

if the information is stolen or leaked illegally, it may bring serious consequences and huge economic losses to the enterprises and individuals. If you can not get accurate and complete information in a timely manner, enterprises and individuals will not be able to correctly analyze and judge the transaction, can not make rational decisions. The illegal deletion of transaction information and the loss of transaction information may lead to economic disputes, causing economic losses to one or more parties to the transaction.

the most common information risk is the illegal theft and disclosure of information, it is often caused by a chain reaction, the formation of subsequent risk, which is currently the most worried about the problem of enterprises and individuals. The typical performance of the information risk is the network fraud, not only make the manufacturers and consumers in the economy suffered heavy losses, more importantly, it may cause people to lose confidence in the new form of e-commerce.

2, transaction security

transaction security refers to various existing in the process of electronic commerce the unsafe factors, including transaction confirmation, products and services, the quality of products and services, payment and other aspects of security.

is different from the traditional form of business, e-commerce has its own characteristics: the market is loose, the main virtualization, transaction networking, electronic currency, the settlement of instantaneous, etc.. This makes the risk of e-commerce transactions to show new features, the emergence of new forms, and is amplified.

transaction security issues in reality a lot. For example: the seller

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