Three models of personal art electricity supplier to make money

rising in the collection craze today, the country there are about seventy or eighty million people engaged in the collection, but this team is still growing. So, we should be how to seize this opportunity, the use of art electricity supplier to make money? I mainly from the following three points, hoping to attract.

first, do art broker

in some foreign countries, the artist is not their own sales work, work must be through the art dealers to sell, that artists can ease creation, more quality, in addition to art dealers through rigorous evaluation, to complete the transaction taxes and other artists, specific work.

in the art of brokers in China effect is not very obvious, some artists and galleries not only their own sales contract, also works, some artists have their battle, get a company to promote such seemingly marketing efforts to strengthen, but I want to have a problem, a very good market artist there are thoughts of Art


so art brokers in the next wave of art must be a major trend, we can grasp.

we do these networks, you can focus on the local artists, you can talk about cooperation. After all, we have the advantage of network marketing, online marketing for the artist, and then from the ground.

An artist

I know, his painting quotations 6 in case of flat feet, he gave a broker price is 4 in case of flat, even if the price to sell 5 square foot, a eight foot painted around eighty thousand in profits.

moreover, now artists do not understand the network promotion, if you have this relationship, you can do the artist’s broker, using the Internet to help him sell paintings, make the difference.

second, do service

artists, collectors, art and other objects for a variety of network services.

1, to the artist website

is now the majority of artists and galleries, art brokers, and more than ninety-nine percent of them do not have their own website, the Internet is a complete promotion of this blank.

we can provide services for artists, now online free website source is modified processing, can be made into a beautiful web site with domain name space, but also to spend hundreds of yuan.

as for the offer, 5000 yuan, $10 thousand, according to the local station costs, almost all.

of course, we can also cooperate with artists in this way to become their agent. Otherwise, we don’t have the advantage to talk to them.

2, an art investment circle

previous art circles are built on the basis of galleries, auctions, they are relatively high-end, it is difficult for us to

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