Multi trade factors restricting the development of e-commerce

ten years ago, we are talking about e-commerce probably do not know what the concept of the electricity supplier is also vague. Ten years later, the trend of e-commerce has been set, some of the road ahead of e-commerce companies have tasted the sweetness, and to become the industry leader or leader. As a graduate from the electronic commerce professional people, absolutely believe that the tide of e-commerce will be swept across the land of China, the traditional industry has not been affected will be business innovation, because this is the commercial trend, irreversible.

in the past ten years, C2C, B2B, B2C, net, group purchase business model have been rising, to join the army of e-commerce enterprise camp also expanded the field of electronic commerce, the space is huge, the future will release greater potential, especially there are many segments of the industry have not been excavated, these will become the electronic commerce attack battlefield. Cut the crap, turn to the question, the author is more trade ( head of operations, to engage in e-commerce and network marketing based on years of experience, then summarizes some about the electronic commerce development view.


a lack of e-commerce talent

remember the film "the world without thieves," there is a slogan, "what is the most expensive in twenty-first Century, talent". Indeed, e-commerce as an emerging industry, is currently facing the development of e-commerce is the key to the shortage of professionals. Now many colleges and universities have opened e-commerce, but many textbooks are stuck in the old concept, and practice less. As everyone knows, e-commerce is a comprehensive, practical, professional talent demand is very high, not only have a solid foundation of technology, but also to grasp the marketing skills, after all, the nature of e-commerce business. At present, such a comprehensive professional is the most missing, but also an important factor in the future development of e-commerce.

now many enterprises to carry out e-commerce, first of all is to solve the problem of professional talent, only to hire a professional talent, in order to carry out electricity supplier to carry out business escort. With regard to talent, enterprises can be trained in the internal market can also tap the experience of those who have the ability, but the most important thing is to adapt to the needs of the development of enterprises.

two, e-commerce positioning blind

since the development of e-commerce in China, for those who enter the e-commerce business can taste the sweetness. But those late is not mind the taste, see their peers and competitors are doing, will carry out electricity supplier investment blindly put up a pageantry to. There is no real analysis of the market, analysis of customer groups, as well as the positioning of their own business and the development goals of the electricity supplier. Naturally, many companies have failed to carry out e-commerce has ended, after all, now engaged in e-commerce business has been more and more, and the model is more and more mature, unlike the previous e-commerce has just started

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