Deep steak truth of the five privatization you don’t know

2015, the majority of shareholders received an offer of privatization as much as 32 stocks. In 2016, Zhaopin, cool 6 media, has announced the privatization plan. Especially is not privatization program IPO price 32% cause widely questioned.

Discussion on privatised

widely and deeply, is "after all is said and done $22 IPO, $7 privatization of cheating" and "the 97% trading day closing price is higher than the $7" the contents of the surface. private who the buyer is, from whom to buy? Privatization price and IPO price what? Hold shareholders have found privatization? How much the price was reasonable? How the business situation, whether deliberately bad, get the performance to suppress the price of


privatization, who want to buy shares to


February 28, 2015, total share capital of 145 million shares, the major shareholders together hold 104 million shares, accounting for 71.8% of the total vote, 94% (due to Chen Ou, Dai Yusen holds B stocks with high vote). Comparison of the Prospectus Documents, Chen Ou, Dai Yusen, Sequoia Fund, at that time, there was no reduction of the.


The privatisation of

, including Chen Ou, Dai amamori and Sequoia Fund, three hold a total of 54.4%. In February 28, 2015 three hold a total of 56.6%, indicating that they had a reduction of 2.2% (about 3 million 200 thousand shares). Xianfeng Huaxing capital estimates, intime investment institutions also have early reduction of action.


if the VC to reduce the price of more than $20, can be expected to recover the full investment, the remaining stocks are clear. About the company’s early investors, most likely to be listed in a year or so holdings.

this is the usual practice of VC, can not talk about deliberately smashed disk. private buyer by Chen Ou, Dai Yusen, Sequoia three composition (holding 54.4%), other major shareholders and investors for the seller with two.

in accordance with the privatization plan, the buyer needs to acquire 66 million shares, of which 41 million shares from the market investors in the level of the market, the stock from the early investors (including Xu Xiaoping’s 11 million 230 thousand shares) of the stock market, the stock market, the stock market, the stock market in accordance with the.

privatization by $7, Xu Xiaoping earned 206 times, other early investors also lucrative. If the early cut, Xu Xiaoping and other early investors can earn more.

as the offeror (Chen Ou, Dai Yusen, Sequoia Fund), high holdings, low privatization in the moral aspects of a great flaw. However, if the reduction and privatization between the more than 6 months apart, the securities regulatory authorities will not interfere.

Take the

IPO issue price things stand


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