E-commerce industry is now Matthew effect B2C hunger flow to be solved

B2C electricity supplier industry staking competition, the flow of hunger is increasingly strong. Recently, Ai Rui released its monitoring of the number of users in the field of footwear vertical independent B2C mall visits. Compared to the industry generally more concerned about the ROI (return on investment), the order conversion rate and other indicators, iResearch separate vertical domain users to visit the data report quite mean. The electricity business people told the "daily economic news" reporter said, the industry competition unprecedented heavy current density, independent vertical B2C industry is a burst of traffic thirst, "Matthew effect and flow oriented showing" (referring to Heng Qiang strong, the weak constant weak phenomenon) more fueling to deepen this a symptom.

flow ceiling

iResearch report shows that the daily average of ten visits to the threshold value of the daily is independent of IP, up to 490 thousand, while the total number of visits in the first few months before the threshold of 281 thousand passengers, up to a maximum of 17 million 240 thousand, the highest level of B2C.

Le Amoy vice president Chen Hu told the "daily economic news" said, "from a macro perspective, the scale of the whole industry is in rapid growth, the number of users is growing, but from the microcosmic perspective, to achieve high-quality flow is a significant increase in."

another person in charge of a vertical B2C also on the daily economic news bluntly, the current electricity supplier is clearly the flow of the gap between the rich and the poor". Relevant industry data show that the current Taobao (including C2C and B2C Department of Taobao mall) accounted for about 60000000 of the independent IP, in the B2C field at the top of the independent Jingdong about accounted for 6 million of IP, next Dangdang, excellence, customer, almost 2 million ~300 million.

famous electric business observers Gong Wenxiang said, although the size of the B2C industry is growing rapidly, but since last year, the tide tide of financing burn four, unprecedented competition, plus the cost of marketing continued at a high level, is an important reason for the current flow hunger floods, and promote each other.

several industry insiders have told reporters that more than a quarter, B2C industry order conversion rate, ROI at the end of last year decline, in addition to the shopping season, the high cost of marketing which is one of the main reasons.

and the higher the cost, the promotion effect is diluted, which in turn stimulate enterprises to strengthen investment. The flow in the promotion costs continue to rise, but increasingly scarce, and finally into the arms of the strong, Matthew effect thus enhanced.

internal and external countermeasures

for B2C companies, in addition to traditional practices, innovative marketing attempts are also gradually popular, SNS, micro-blog marketing and video advertising marketing has become the focus of attention of new market instruments.

a week, every guest, Lok, Le bee have started a new round of launch video advertising. Where the customer provides to the "daily economic news" data show that within 8 hours of the video in Sina micro-blog reached 120 thousand. "

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