Why electricity providers more and more difficult to do

wrote a few days ago, why I do not support the side of a friend to do electricity supplier, causing a lot of controversy in the reader, that is biased, there is a point of view of the paper is increasingly difficult to do electricity supplier. A lot of people want to see a more detailed description, this paper focuses on why electricity providers increasingly difficult to do. (Note: This article is still Taobao Tmall refers to the narrow sense of the electricity supplier)

1, a sharp increase in competitive pressure, the real money is only a small number of shops.

first clear a concept: what kind of shops can be counted on to make money shop?

before some readers think they opened a shop, a month to sell a few pieces of products, there is no promotion expenses, it is defined as their own shops to make money.

this article refers to the money is the average monthly income of each store members in 3000 yuan or more, because a normal person engaged in any one of the basic jobs can get this income. If the income is higher than this standard, it can be understood as the true sense of the money to make the store.

first figures to analyze the degree of competition on Taobao. May 2012 Taobao online shop 5964460, after the Taobao revision, can not see the specific number of shops on Taobao, but now this figure will not be less than 6 million.

Taobao 30 million visitors a day, we assume that each visitor can visit the store, then all the stores on Taobao will be visited 300 million times / day. The average number of 6 million stores, each store can get visitors to the 50, while the conversion rate on Taobao is 1%-5%, if you take the highest value of 5% to calculate, every day is divided into the order of each store is 2 pen. Although the order price in various industries is not uniform estimates, but the number can be proved, if the equalitarianism, almost every shop is losing money.

this figure is objective, but in fact it will not appear, because there are 28 laws in any industry, is always a small part of the store to get most of the orders. Most shops are up to 2 orders per day.

has been questioned: why so few people make money, there are still so many people involved? It is because most of them are part-time, Taobao store has no income does not affect the owner’s life, so creating a huge amount of shops.

is currently on Taobao reputation distribution: gold shop around 500 crown shop around 200 thousand, diamond 1 million, other heart class shops. Tmall mall has 70557 merchants. These data are questioned, to prove their own Taobao, do not explain.

now my colleagues around almost everyone a Taobao shop. Some people in order to use Taobao to support the new store, the ID of the relatives and friends all borrowed a dozen people to shop, shop management. But most of them don’t make money, and they don’t actually have much energy

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