Deified O2O are far away from the dream

now, the more common interpretation of the following two types of O2O.

traditional e-commerce to sell is kind, but O2O is to sell the service!

don’t talk nonsense, group purchase is the earliest O2O practitioners, but selling products or services, in the end who is in the final analysis, or business entities do?.

from the angle of the introduction of traffic, O2O is the future of mobile Internet portal!

don’t tease, physical stores, full season does not need to flow, waste is shameful. The mature chain catering industry, which store not long queues? Flow? Waste or a


must say: O2O is not a panacea, at least today is not to the point of being deified.

natural lack of traditional electricity supplier

in accordance with the normal mode of thinking, the electricity supplier should be the most successful form in the O2O model. Is this really the case?

first buy network model to make an analogy. In the eyes of many people, and is close to the type of business group purchase activities, especially for ordinary consumers, the United States Mission and the heaven cats are browsing products, selected products orders to pay, this seems difference is not big. But in fact, careful people will find that the two types of sales of products are essential difference, catering, entertainment, tourism, car rental, these non standardized "life" is the core of the group purchase, and standardized household appliances, clothing, digital library, is the scope of business the.

in fact, the essence of the O2O should be the flow of people, and this is a natural lack of traditional electricity providers. Tmall double eleven, impressive, but it was during the business entity boycott, first 19 stores Home Furnishing jointly blocked Tmall, after Suning in the latest TV ads on Tmall irony no line advantage.

in the final analysis: electricity supplier B2C model is the product to your home, using the logistics system. O2O is to send you to the home, using the traffic system.

in other words, the essence of O2O is to lead people into the store, either through PC or mobile phones and other terminals. For the store, the electricity supplier to bring them too much pressure, O2O is precisely a very clear opportunity to fight back.

so, whether it is from the nature of O2O or from the store will tell, electricity cut O2O are not small obstacles, of course, don’t forget the electricity supplier has a strong cash flow, the money can push the ghost mill era, do not rule out the possibility of self, acquisitions and strategic cooperation is possible. Intime department store, is not obediently dedicated it.

traditional business dream is far

although the traditional electricity supplier into the O2O resistance. The traditional business seems to occupy a day (the rise of mobile payment, Austria (OFFLINE) complete possession and (end), the final node flow). < >

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