Do fun is to do public service

fun fun mall to create three years, has always been regarded as the cause of social responsibility, in a community to give back to the heart to do a better job of the cause. In April 2015, aesthetic taste mall to spend heavily on free channel. The purpose is not only to thank the friends of the interesting beauty taste mall has been the support, also hope to take the opportunity to raise a force of their own national knowledge contribution.

paid to do a free trial of a business enterprise is really worth it? Many people have asked this question. "It is not worth a personal values, I think contribute to national welfare, is the obligation of every citizen, but also our company’s mission, as long as it is beneficial to the society are things worth doing." Founder of the United States and the United States explained.

it is understood that the United States fun fun mall free trial channel since the line, the trial activities have been great progress, and users alike. Up to now, the United States has been interested in shopping malls to provide users with more than 1300 copies of free trial products, becoming the first adult supplies industry to provide free trial of adult supplies electricity supplier.

it is well known that with the gradual change of people’s concept, the development potential of adult products market is increasing day by day. Adult products by many economists optimistic, hailed as a sunrise industry in the future economic development. In 2013, the online market is about 15 billion yuan, this year’s forecast can reach 200-250 billion. This industry has the potential, but also the ability to develop the market share of hundreds of billions of dollars, and will be like cosmetics, as people have a high degree of acceptance of the daily necessities." Beauty fun mall operators responsible person analysis.

, however, China’s Adult supplies market is not mature, messy, chaotic, fragmented, low quality, price chaos, chaos, market management, brand image of health is a common phenomenon Adult supplies industry. On the market, franchise of the grade, the image of a healthy Adult supplies shop and the store is very few, "aesthetic taste mall, is to explore the sustainable development way Adult supplies industry a very valuable." Industry insiders say.

to transfer the concept of healthy living, popularization of health knowledge, active and innovative ways to guide the fun friends pleasure, fashion sexual life "for the business philosophy of aesthetic taste mall, has always been committed to promoting China’s Adult supplies industry sustained and healthy development of industry, eliminate disease scale, break Adult supplies profiteering myth. To create a safe and convenient for consumers to buy affordable, fun supplies electricity supplier platform of high quality.

free trial activity is just the beginning of the United States fun fun mall charity marketing activities, the future will continue to do it, and have the confidence to do the better public activities. Interested in the free trial can go to the United States fun fun mall official website ( to apply for trial qualification.

with the development of the United States, the mall of interest

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