The 8 disadvantages of traditional enterprises to develop E-commerce

traditional enterprises realize the great prospects of electronic commerce, have entered the electronic commerce, how to get rid of their own lack of awareness, like a swarm of bees preparing to enter the e-commerce mode without it.

1 no talent

traditional enterprise development of tourism e-commerce, the first is the lack of talent, understand e-commerce, network talent. Recruitment, recruit some, and then retain is not easy, layman leadership. There are many barriers to communication. Understand the network of talent, like communication, like gathering. Traditional enterprise recruitment 1-2 understand the Internet, it is not easy to recruit up.

2 do not understand the rules, need to pay tuition

do not understand the rules of operation of the Internet, pay some tuition is inevitable, was deceived also inevitable. There is a travel agency, looking for someone to do a website, cheaper, for 1000 yuan, do a website, domain name management address, website address space management, are absolutely ignorant of him, people do part-time, over time, mobile phone number change, not contact. Website domain name renewals are not continuous, but talk about customer service, to talk about the site to keep pace with the times to adjust and optimize the user experience of


3 e-commerce is also a fierce competition in the Red Sea

e-commerce competition is also very intense, there are hundreds of sellers in the Taobao shop, but also get hundreds of millions of profits, access to huge profits is not the majority. Not only opened a shop or set up a website for it, have to careful operation and promotion, continue to maintain.

4 lack of patience

many bosses think built station, put up product orders rushing, or, built station, and then spend, buy traffic to find Baidu OK. After some initial investment, the return on investment is very low, and then continue to invest, there is great difficulty, lack of courage and patience to further research and exploration. Many traditional companies only taste it, just a little try, just gave up. Hey

5 lacks full license

does not understand the development of e-commerce, so some of the recruitment of e-commerce young talent, which produced a number of problems, that is, communication and licensing. Many traditional enterprise managers do not understand the electronic commerce, the Internet comes to have a headache, not willing to go on the Internet, but to hire people who do not worry, a lot of things, are in need of their final decisions, this is the cause of a problem, these people outside, not only to the development of Internet and electronic commerce this, have to think of ways to persuade the boss and let the boss give time and authorization and investment.

Lack of support for


The traditional way of selling

products, high margin, traditional store operating costs are very high, shop rent + labor cost + high management costs, resulting in the high margin, must to operate it, change to the Internet, the main cost is > storage

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