What is the future of beauty

in recent months said the beautiful is in an eventful year, rumors marketing director was forced to leave because of commercial bribery scandal was exposed, within half a year is ten executives are leaving. This information has not been confirmed but beautiful executives said, not to wind hole, from one side also reflects the internal management of the beautiful indeed there is a big problem.

Ali said that the implementation of the ban on the beautiful policy, beautiful said the development road has become increasingly narrow, and in recent months frequently reported negative information, people can not help but have such a doubt: in the end how beautiful? Whether can the normal operation of


insiders pointed out that beauty occurs all sorts of scandal, the main reason there are a few points: 1, CEO Xu Yirong was born in science and engineering, the management is not good, too much trust of decentralization to the market leading to commercial bribery scandal; 2, frequently cannot promise to dig. Beautiful because of the development needs, often through the outside to dig some senior talent to complete the recruitment process. And often talent in place, but can not fulfill the original decentralization commitment, eventually leading to brain drain; 3, management problems. March implementation of the 12 hour working system is the main reason leading to a lot of staff turnover. 4, the strategy is not clear. Did not follow the pace of Ali, want to implement the external expansion of the policy was Ali insight, given in a timely manner, is the main cause of the external environment becomes worse.

Analysis of several reasons

above, beautiful said to want to change the current predicament must proceed from the following aspects: 1, CEO Xu Yirong should focus more on the technical aspects of the personnel affairs, the right to decentralization, let the capable, good management team, so as to better. Simply let professional people to do professional things, so as to create value and the maximum effect; 2, to the development of an enterprise needs to have the appropriate personnel, but if not necessary, try not to complete the recruitment by airborne occupation managers, can enter the line from the internal staff training. The promotion channel is through the implementation of job rotation, training and incentive system to complete the daily work. To establish a positive corporate culture, to give the employees more space and hope, the enterprise can do more talent to emerge, rather than by poaching to complete; 3, 12 hours of work if the system is in the early days, only a few people can be implemented when the bone dry. But when the company has 300 employees, has been in the development stage, it is difficult to allow employees to accept. Employees have a strong sense of belonging and values are weak, the premise is to continue to enhance these perceptions. And the implementation of the process is too rough, the effect is bound to be counterproductive; 4, to clear the positioning of the enterprise. Ali’s dominance of rivers and lakes is not shaken, followed by Ali is definitely not wrong. As long as Ali does not make mistakes, beauty will live well. Ali meat, at least the beauty that can guarantee a soup. If you leave Ali, or offend Ali, the results will not be too good

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