Honey Amoy Xie Wenbin cross-border electricity price war will only ruin

in May 7th, to embrace e-commerce + "as the theme of the 2015 Chinese e-commerce Innovation Development Summit held in Guiyang, this is the largest electricity supplier industry, the highest level, the most influential annual event. During the summit, e-commerce cross-border trade is a hot topic, the brightest electricity supplier elite gathered together to share the experience of a total electricity supplier in the future. Honey Amoy global purchase CEO Xie Wenbin at the summit, said: cross-border e-commerce is part of China’s long-term development strategy, can be forced to upgrade and upgrade the industry, we are in the air." At the summit, honey Amoy global purchase because of its unique business model and excellent business performance, won the 2015 best cross-border electricity supplier business award.


at present, "Internet plus" wave swept, whether it is Internet companies, or traditional industries, are in the air. There is no doubt that the wind blowing this is the common aspiration of all enterprises. In October 2013, honey Amoy cross-border e-commerce in the global purchase, began the great practice of e-commerce cross-border trade connection, in just a year and a half, has become the first major business platform in the field of cross-border self China. Chinese strong overseas purchasing market demand is the basis of the rapid growth of the global purchase honey Amoy, Amoy honey but driving the global purchase is still the key factor off the unique business model and business philosophy, and win the consumer market recognition for its.

as everyone knows, the explosion is a means of marketing business, the same applies to cross-border e-commerce, and become a magic weapon for cross-border electricity accumulation of customer driving sales. However, Xie Wenbin pointed out: "if the cross-border electricity supplier just staring at the explosion of a price war, ignoring the construction of the upstream supply chain, which is not only for the long-term development of enterprises did not help, but for the entire industry can play a role, or even harmful. At this stage, the price war will only ruin, cross-border electricity providers should focus more on service and quality." In the eyes of the global purchase of honey Amoy, user thinking is far more important than the explosive thinking, service and quality is the most important. Therefore, in the past six months, honey Amoy global purchase intensive completed several generous investment, create new logistics and service experience, starting from the selection, service and quality, through the introduction of more foreign products, to create a more convenient cross-border shopping experience, to allow more consumers to easily buy duty-free products abroad.

now, cross-border e-commerce has become a new hot spot in China’s electricity supplier and new opportunities to attract more and more companies to join. In this regard, Xie Wenbin stressed: cross-border electricity supplier is forming a threshold, not everyone can play." Cross border e-commerce to form a scale, far from simple sea Amoy products can be supported, logistics, customs and national prosecutors are cross-border electricity providers can not avoid the problem. In this regard, honey Amoy global purchase has been a very good practice, through the layout of the construction of its own bonded warehouse and other basic work to improve the overseas purchasing industry chain, and actively cooperate with the government to improve the customs import pilot. These initiatives laid the honey Amoy global purchase >

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