The network after 2010 is taking the road of video marketing


video marketing is currently just started, with its own sense of the Internet after the majority of network operators believe that 2010 and SEOER will point to spearhead this market; for many reasons: such as optimization of traditional sales model has been saturated or part of the people have been numb; there is a SEO of the road many people are getting a headache; another video marketing is a new and effective sales model; and the traditional marketing advantages Obviously, visual effects, the explosive effect of broadcasting, targeted search and as well, even better than the latter.

today to make a few points, it is also a record of experience.

1, the video is subject to search engines like.

search is now given the weight of some of the video station is quite high, 09 years of Internet video shuffle, one size fits all, verification, closure forum, copyright issues. All this is testing the video station. So you can survive the video station, of course, can occupy the search engine video search this section, but all this has been clearly displayed in the search. May wish to try their own, close observation.

2, video station is loved by the users.

is now the Internet users habits may be divided into 4 parts, one is the business, one is entertainment, one is the game, and the other is to retrieve information. The 4 part is the author of Sun Dongjie’s own division, entertainment and games can not be divided into a class, the reason is not much to say, only personal views. Of which third and the most occupy the fourth. And entertainment, video share is the largest. China’s 400 million Internet users, more than 320 million of the video audience. We can also clearly see.

3, the explosion of propaganda to overcome the traditional model.

for creative, thoughtful, a good video, just a few minutes of video will bring you thousands of people browsing. Individual spoof of the novel and it will continue to spread and constantly reproduced, imagine whether this is more effective than the soft text, whether it is more effective than the search engine bidding.

4, video and TV advertising effect different

doesn’t know if you’ve ever seen a video in an advertisement, and I don’t know if you hate it or not. But also secretly admire the creator. More successful you can search for creative advertising video. Oh, from the traditional aversion to advertising, we have to look at the mentality of advertising this is not a wonderful period of Taobao released a lot of. Which one is the Mid Autumn Festival people feel good; and the old woman in the elevator; a female bus card; there is a purpose in their propaganda, the marketing plan. In order to achieve good results. Word of mouth, order from the video marketing.

to share these points, the other: video marketing can fully display the target exhibits; whether it is soft or hard video video advertising, video marketing

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