Taobao integrity inventory behind the interests of consideration

media reports, August 11th, announced, in industry and commerce, public security, network monitoring and other government departments under the guidance and support, "the first phase of the integrity of self-examination activities" ended in victory. CEO Lu Zhaoxi said, "credit" is our country network retail industry since the birth of the first industry, while facing the industry and the fundamental "enemy", "honest self-examination activities" is the network retail industry young experienced first "industry battle".

this is true, I agree. Indeed, as with the C2C platform, false credit speculation this kind of phenomenon, has seriously affected the development of online shopping platform, become public enemy, while Taobao first launched the integrity of inventory, is obviously beneficial to regulate the online shopping market, re shaping the online shopping environment integrity assured, protection from the perspective of industrial development. Of great significance.

But at the same time, Taobao

, the inventory, there is a two layer of interest.

first, to win over consumers online shopping. Taobao in the C2C market, is the absolute leader, eBay, pat, etc., can offer, Taobao’s credit rating mechanism, it has become a basic standard of the industry, followed by the other C2C platform, however, the credit mechanism of the loopholes, and supervision means congenitally deficient, resulting in a false credit if the cancer cells in general C2C spread among the sellers, direct damage to the interests of consumers, so that consumers in the choice of the seller, at a loss, or even prohibitive, if things go on like this, the C2C platform risk. But this time, Taobao stands out with leader’s identity, the integrity of the inventory expansion in addition to put up a pageantry, said to defend the interests of industry, also have to further highlight the dominance means, at the same time, tell the consumer online shopping with action, Taobao is one of the interests of consumers to the platform, is a responsible the platform, so as to further squeeze the other C2C platform living space in the minds of consumers in online shopping, is a stone carving.

second, paving the way to explore the profit model. Taobao launched the service in 2006, felicitous wish of making money "to PPC profitable attempt, because of the fierce opposition from many small stores, and finally had to give up halfway, since then, Taobao no profit, at least for the seller’s profit model to try, dare not easily hand; and now, credit speculation phenomenon, will allow Taobao to see a glimmer of of course, the profit of life, is not to say that Taobao itself to profit through the sale of credit, on the contrary, the integrity check, clean up illegal sellers, regulate online shopping environment, make those who have false credit rating of the seller lost by consumers attention and highlights, in order to hold the turnover, must through other legitimate means to compensate for this deficiency. Then, the purchase of search keywords, improve the commodity ranking, may become a potential demand Taobao, as long as the ingenious, can start in the light of its general trend, similar to PPC business, meet the practical needs, without false credit sellers but the premise is not too much publicity, avoid like ">

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