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electricity supplier industry over the network to create a festival, is an expression of the public spending power overdraft. While Ma will create "double eleven" concept of the happy child (Zhang Yong) CEO Fu, but also reflects the "black or white" the essence of marketing.

with a "double eleven" potential, with "Taobao mall defeat" Tmall built and construct a large and centralized cash entrance, platform battle success. And its competitors, but also do not want to follow the double eleven action, are trying to establish a new holiday brand.


anniversary (6· 18), (8· 14) spoiled Festival,’s anniversary (8· 18), were directed to Fengeng in various languages, publicity, all from the color of victory.

a few years ago, the U.S. capital markets and the media actually have less understanding of Alibaba on behalf of China electric mania Jiben growth in mature retail countries, also hard to a shortage of experienced history of market economy. As Chinese users can not accept American business platform at one week before delivery of the turtle speed, Americans also can not imagine, Chinese can in a year to participate in a "black Friday" type of panic buying, and a holiday or on behalf of the festival is not supposed to go on holiday to the


is not in this understanding, China’s electricity supplier jumped more than the United States, in 2014 China’s overall retail sales slightly behind the United States, and e-commerce, which is more than the United States GMV $10 billion. This pace of development thanks to China’s two or three largest line of the line under the line of the downturn in the city of Commerce, consumer power always need to vent the channel, the line can not meet the line swallowed naturally. It is also because of this strange consumers, create numerous electricity in the early explosion of myth, to create a "single" the magic words.

but the passage of time, the Internet in enlightening people have drvfly results are also let consumers quickly grow. Now those areas where there is no counter for inspection of consumers also began to focus on quality, and even forced to make electricity supplier to make their own changes. "No reason to return" and "Xianhengpeifu", "freight insurance" concept is the electricity supplier to ensure quality efforts, the service concept already exceeded the line retail industry standard. Jingdong and Amazon’s proprietary brand has been a good reputation in terms of quality assurance, especially on the basis of its own logistics Jingdong to achieve faster and better service quality. But in Ali, Taobao C2C because of the unique mode of build up the family fortunes China of Internet virtual worship, has been suffering from a commodity uneven in quality problems. After the split out of the Tmall brand, although always strengthen the quality concept, but also still more or less by Taobao drag.

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