Online shopping market highlights low loyalty B2C mall eroded C2C platform traffic

experienced explosive growth over the past few years, China’s online shopping market growth in the size of the user began to slow down. For major e-commerce sites, in the fierce competition for new users, how to retain existing users has become a more important and long-term issue. IResearch launched the Internet user loyalty and loss research system Loyaltyplus data show that B2C mall is rapidly eroded C2C platform traffic, while the B2C mall industry for traffic is more intense competition.

Flow changes

observation of the electronic commerce industry can be found, macro pattern composed of C2C platform, B2C mall and group purchase is relatively stable, but the B2C mall is rapidly eroded the market share of C2C platform. May 14th -20 day compared to last week, B2C mall gained nearly 100 million new browsing page, where the C2C platform as the source of the largest contribution, accounting for up to 16.8%. In other words, in two weeks time, there are about 15 million browsing pages from the C2C platform into the B2C mall. The shift in attention and shopping habits of consumers is evident.

B2C mall in this area, for the flow of more intense competition. Even before the market participants less online supermarket segment, and now began a full competitive stage. In order to hit the main concept of the concept of online supermarket shop number one, for example, May 14th -20 days a week last week, the number of pages to browse the 101 million 708 thousand page down from 6 million 587 thousand to 95 million 121 thousand pages. This decline in the number of two-way flow between the site, the loss of the industry, industry, and other new results of the joint action of a variety of situations. Further analysis of the loss of data show that the loss of the whereabouts of the network as a proportion of up to 18.6%, ranked first, the other main destination also includes easy fast network, Taobao mall, etc.. It is worth noting that, for the network as a new entrant to the online supermarket industry, on the 1st Shop formed a direct threat. Comparison of two weeks of data, after taking into account the two-way changes can be found, there are still about 6 million 500 thousand pages from the 1st Shop traffic into a network traffic.

recently, iResearch consulting for Internet users loyalty and loss behavior analysis, the upgrade released a new Loyaltyplus product line. IResearch consulting believes that the current network has become the mainstream of information exchange platform, the scale of Internet users tend to be stable, so the existing users will become the focus of contention between the network media and the electricity supplier website. In such a wide variety of choices and the cost is almost zero, it is difficult to achieve customer loyalty in the market environment, the loss of customers, monitor their competitors, warning action evaluation of KPI marketing activities for the stimulating effect of customer loyalty has risen for the website operation (key performance indicators).

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