Comparison shopping search engine hundred million off 2 line

7 6, 2009, a new version of the official version of the new passenger line, in order to meet the new round of B2C e-commerce development opportunities, the company decided to speed up the layout of the comparison shopping, officially launched the 2009 thousands of businesses included in the integrity of the plan".

Branch billion passengers more shopping network location for the 2 edition comparison shopping search engine index products from the integrity of the shopping website, the new positioning "integrity, parity" designed for the majority of online shopping users to solve the problem of where to buy and where to buy cheap assured.

billion branch off the 2 edition of the new features

The new version of

million branch guest page style atmosphere, including books, digital, home appliances, clothing, cosmetics and other 20 channels, has included 200 well-known shopping sites nearly 1 million products, fully meet the shopping needs of the majority of Internet users. The perfect integration of the integrity of the merchant’s merchandise information, including detailed description of goods, commodity prices and product reviews, with promotional information and shopping coupons, easy to meet the user’s parity and shopping security issues.

comparison shopping market potential is huge

with the financial crisis, the development of e-commerce, shopping sites have begun to compare the spring. The Internet industry believes that the comparison shopping has entered the lives of ordinary people, with the characteristics of the convenience of parity has been widely welcomed, in 2009, the comparison will become the mainstream of Internet shopping shopping users.

in fact, shopping abroad has become the mainstream of the internet. To the United States as the representative of the shopping site in addition to eBay, Amazon and other e-commerce companies outside the most profitable fire site. In this regard, branches off billion comparison shopping network CEO Cai Wenwei said that 2009 will be China e-commerce, customer shopping network Branch billion compared after nearly a year of accumulated technology and team building for the development of a company has laid a solid foundation for more.

It is reported that

billion passenger has caused a lot of attention focus Branch Internet Celebrities, network marketing strategy. Password: skills. The author will take the case of Zan Hui Branch as a key customer billion to analyze the case in his new book.

market analysts believe that Google and other search engines have entered the shopping search, comparison shopping website in China there are nearly 20 home shopping market fast, who will be in charge of leading? Million branch comparison shopping network’s high-profile expansion really attract eyeballs. "The crisis is often pregnant with new opportunities," said Cai Wenwei, one hundred million passengers CEO, "we are not afraid of Google shopping search, our products and services more in line with China’s Internet users shopping habits."

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