Double 11 war under the pat one shot two scattered

in the 11 day before the announcement of the closure of the pat Network, Jingdong intention is obvious. But, in the market influence and the degree of concern has been overwhelming 11 double cover, pat in Taobao under the weight of trend was born, in the double 11 war quietly exit with vigour and vitality, is the fate of Born Under A Bad Sign.

11 has passed, too much inventory thing people do not ride, fat cat. The fat cats want to say is – pat. This is the 11 day before the announcement of the closure of the C2C website.

on the afternoon of November 10th, Jingdong announced that it will stop pat Network Service in December 31, 2015, and after three months of transition period, from April 1, 2016 to completely shut down pat network. From the creation of the initial struggling pat Network, finally when 10 years old died.

The original

pat Network is the Tencent’s website, launched in September 12, 2005, March 13, 2006 formal operations, mainly in apparel, baby food, and consumer electronics category, and rely on Tencent online payment platform, caifutong provide online trading services. This basic and eBay exit the Chinese market at the same time. At this time, Taobao has occupied 72% of the market share of China’s online shopping retail market, trading volume reached $8 billion 900 million (China B2B research center data).

to the two quarter of 2007, the number of pat Network users close to 50 million, ranking China C2C site. But compared to Taobao, the second gap is not big. C2C latest statistics, or Analysys released in August 6, 2012 2012 "(on) Chinese online retail market data monitoring report" shows that as of June 2012, Taobao accounted for 94.5%. Pat Network accounted for 5.3%, eBay accounted for 0.2%. Since then, the major research institutions no longer interested in statistical C2C market share.

has always been to do social known Tencent, in the field of electricity providers apparently did not play too much, pat Network always so tepid continuation. In the Tencent internal position is in an awkward position. Keep seeing QQ such a huge user base, pat operation has been the right way, always difficult climate. Pat to Tencent, is a piece of chicken ribs, we did not see the Tencent to pat the massive capital investment, also did not see the Tencent to use its unique advantages in the social platform for large-scale drainage pat, pat in the Tencent in 8 years and had been shut down, always let the fat cats remain perplexed despite much thought. The industry’s general argument is that there is no electricity supplier Tencent gene, follow the strategy has only learned the shape of Taobao, did not learn god. Another industry believes that pat Network is just a division of Tencent, Ma Huateng had not thought to lead, but the location of a cloth bureau. Mentality is not the same, the outcome is not the same.

March 10, 2014, Jingdong and Tencent announced the establishment of strategic partnership, then the Jingdong will pat Network under. Subsequent May 2>

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