Shop operators Taobao how to earn a clearance at the end of the electricity supplier

is nearing the end of 2014, Taobao universal sellers have also joined the battle for a big year, earn a big fat years, too. But the face of such fierce competition in the electricity market, how can the sellers come up with the killer at the end of the year, talent shows itself, free


PK: the price of electricity by the end of the tactical large profit, good drainage promotion


buyers have to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival time at the end of the year, naturally want to pick up a cheap, hoping to get more benefits. Taobao electricity supplier naturally want to be clear about this, we are in price promotions, if you remain indifferent, then the end of the year sales are doomed. The so-called goods than three, buyers are a contrast, the price is significantly higher in the desire to buy a weak. But what we say here is not to reduce the price of the price, but the establishment of a certain skills and marketing tools. At the same time, low prices will bring more traffic to the seller, laying the foundation for the next year’s search rankings. The price in the end to what extent appropriate? The same product is certainly not only in their own selling price, observe the whole network in which interval, based on the guarantee of profits on the middle price low some more people often meet consumer psychology, will produce more volume.

by the end of two: the electricity supplier PK tactical optimization baby by cutting out the superfluous


at the end of the year, a lot of people to buy their own things more clearly. So in search of baby will be straightforward. In order not to let the shop is too complicated, affecting the buyer’s choice of time. Taobao sellers need to store the product integration. The main push products to build, you can ask the art design of the product for a new page packaging, and strive to streamline the atmosphere, beautiful. So as to attract the first time, increase the volume of orders. Even if the buyer did not choose to buy, Taobao sellers do not suffer. At least you can attract a lot of traffic, but also to earn. In the description of the baby, must be concise and to the point to highlight your advantages and product advantages, increase the chance of being selected, this point is convincing, so buyers at the time of purchase is more inclined to your shop.

by the end of three: the electricity supplier PK tactical shop to have opened the curtain

taste promotion


for the seller to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival once a year, to do is rally. Shops to re decoration, at least to add some flavor than usual. Especially in the display of goods, to have profit to the customer sales momentum in consumer psychology to capture buyers. Of course, some coupons, New Year red envelopes, with packages, gold coins cash cash, full of reduced marketing strategy is still to be used. Although outdated, but the most practical, attractive.

at the end of the electricity supplier PK tactics four: do a good job shop to go out to win back

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