Wanda into the electricity supplier to attract BAT two giant platform, the heavy hit the spring of 5

after BAT, domineering Teng million was born.


by Tencent, Baidu, Wanda 3 lines of industry giants to build a platform for the electricity supplier together to fly where the network, after several months of preparation, recently opened a mysterious veil to the outside world. In August last year, the three giants jointly invested $5 billion, the goal is to build the world’s largest O2O platform, which Wanda holdings of $70%, Tencent, Baidu each holds a stake of 15%.

although the origin of traditional industries, although also in May 2012 a small scale test of electronic commerce, Wanda Wang Jianlin is still at the beginning of 2014, in the business and traditional business who is more promising in dispute, and the Alibaba MA in the CCTV "China economic person of the year awards site put a billion gamble, but it is also in this year, Wanda electricity supplier for the sudden increase in interest. In fact, after three days billion gamble, Wanda throws million people into electricity supplier recruitment plan, high-profile. In December 2013, as Wanda Plaza, O2O intelligent electronic commerce platform million line operators.

however, in the following year, Wan ibusiness visibility is not as striking as the Wanda group. The Wanda is to reinvent the wheel, frustrated and two major electricity supplier in BAT "gongxiangshengju". According to Wang Jianlin, Wan ibusiness pattern is fully loaded with lofty ideas, not so old wine in new bottles have no meaning, can only be built.

under the impact of the Internet, holding huge amounts of resources into the electricity supplier Wanda to build O2O platform, it is not difficult to understand the business logic. But Wang Jianlin is subtle, the other partner is not found, but found the enemy, Baidu and Tencent Alibaba.

In recent years

BAT O2O in the field of it. In January last year, Tencent shares of HK $1 billion 500 million stake in South China, accounting for nearly 10% of the shares of the company’s shareholders, the two sides agreed to cooperate in the field of e-commerce, warehousing and logistics. In March of the same year, Alibaba Group signed an agreement with intime business, and invest 1 billion 500 million Hong Kong dollars to form a joint venture with intime O2O. In addition, the 3.8 car wars, with vigour and vitality of Taobao mobile phone life festival are quite bright. Baidu is also working with Vanke Group, the latter’s commercial real estate to provide intelligent solutions to upgrade.

there is no doubt that, despite the potential, but with respect to the development of more than ten years of history of traditional electricity providers, O2O in recent years to enter the fast lane. In the past two or three years, the group purchase as the representative of the O2O after the crazy hustle and bust. The reason, although the O2O sounds good, or is the electronic commerce under a gold mine, but even for giants like BAT, O2O is not so with extreme ease.

O2O itself as a service industry, but its threshold is not as low as the traditional service industry. On the one hand, it requires access to a large number of online resources

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