Electricity supplier circle SEO contest masters gathered fierce competition

held by the first e-commerce business circle SEO contest start only less than a month, but the competition is very fierce, I linked to the sponsor of the contest with green, learned last year was organized by the A5 webmaster SEO contest Gu Baiyou champion Liucheng also participated in the game, and claimed to build a new Liucheng the site to participate in the competition with many colleagues showdown. In addition the contest more than half of the time, however, this competition has entered the hot ranking PK, I understand that the word "electric business circle" Baidu home page ranking competition is fierce, the site’s ranking changes every day, and the changes of considerable magnitude.

is the first business of Zhejiang electricity supplier network Limited owns the Internet service brand, is located in "paradise Silicon Valley" – Hangzhou high tech park, Hangzhou city is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the Internet application service. The company was founded in 1999 (formerly known as: Hangzhou Easytech), has more than 100 employees, fixed assets of more than 1000, more than 10 years of experience in Internet service, owned by a senior technical experts, excellent management, sales and service personnel of the company operations team. The main members of the group of Hangzhou entrepreneurial Internet Technology Co. Ltd. and Hangzhou Dayi Business Network Co. Ltd., Hangzhou nine wins Internet Advertising Technology Co. Ltd., Hangzhou Wang Jie network Co. Ltd., Hangzhou love name network Co. / shares of the company.

the first business leader with green learned that the contest is a webmaster feedback game, to reward hard work in the first line of the Internet to the webmaster, this competition who put any advertising in the media, the sponsor will be the contest obtained for all of the webmaster rewards, and this contest all the contestants, namely 10QB award after the end of the contest by the green outfit marketing planning team is responsible for unified payment. The slogan of the contest is: focus on participation, from participating in the study, and enjoy the SEO skills; and master duel, not just rewarding harvest, but also experience.

I also know that this contest invited many network celebrities as judges, including founder Lai Lin Feng, ylmf century joint investment general manager Fu Dekun, web editor Chen Guoqiang, a founder of Jiang Likun, Analysys observers club secretary general Han Xiao, Zhuo Science Management Science Research Institute president Zhu Zerong, Yanhuang network CEO and V5 the sponsors, webmaster helper network founder SEO training on grass, the first person Wang Tong, Zhejiang business network marketing for Ma Haibin, Jinshan Avenue, Baidu e-commerce manager han zi network marketing training instructor Guo Yeye etc..

distance from the competition there are 38 days, the time has not yet more than half of the intensity of the game is unusually hot, compared to last year’s SEO contest Valley can be described as one hundred excellent and no less than. The first row of district ranked first appeared before the SEO Championship fluctuations, but also with new domain competition, competition will enter an unprecedented fierce state, is expected to continue to have more horse turned out, but the contest gets us concern.

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