Hang Wei acquired the domain name qua.com at Alibaba online travel to go ah

love net news: Recently, October 29th Alibaba brand system adds new members, kind of a "go" will become the new name of the Alibaba’s business trip. Alibaba group announced that it will upgrade its air travel division for air travel business group, Taobao travel upgraded to a new independent brand to go ah". Going to focus on the needs of consumers holiday travel, wireless, service, innovation, platform as the four major strategies, but also to promote the online travel industry from sales to service upgrades.

and Alibaba’s many similar business, go ah also has a distinctive platform features, its predecessor was launched in 2010, Taobao travel". Now, go in travel platform tens of thousands of sellers, with ticket sales, hotel booking, Holiday Inn sales, visa services, both universal products, and payment experience and security.

is understood as an independent brand, "ah" will enable the new VI system and independent domain name (www.alitrip.com), domain trip.taobao.com two using the original Taobao travel will keep and automatically jump. "Ah" in Larry domain qua.com yesterday by the well-known domain name investors hang Wei in the bag, hang Wei in WeChat said, "after the name to" the hands of foreigners determined, qua.com domain name than before the price doubled, but he still felt that the value of the decisive.

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Alibaba before the habit, in addition to using the Ali series of domain name, the corresponding brand will be the acquisition of Larry domain protection, for example belongs to this kind of case prior to the acquisition of tianmao.com, zhifubao.com and so on, so the small series that qua.com is a big money scene, model Hangwei is worthy of your domain name investment.

More details of the transaction and

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