Jingdong and a war of words Amoy upgrade analysis that other competitors from the provocation

Jingdong mall and Alibaba’s online shopping search engine a scouring network on the information grab, parity caused by the escalation of contradictions.

On the afternoon of 24

, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong fired the first mall in its individual micro-blog, "don’t call" criticism of Amoy, said it is "without grasping behavior allows" belong to "jiminggoudao". Liu Qiangdong complained that "the product evaluation is Jingdong spent billions of dollars worth of points to encourage users to write out, how do you also want to say hello?"

about 7:30 that night, the micro-blog is removed, the reason is unknown.

and other Internet slobber war is different, this "Beijing" episode was the most slobber war is the highlight of the evening of 24 8 pm, micro-blog SkyDrive spread a claim to the Jingdong strategic research department’s "secret documents" for a "Amoy competition strategy research", but 10 minutes later, the SkyDrive failure the.

the report, Jingdong will be scouring as the largest potential competitors, from the two sides of the power contrast, Jingdong threats and opportunities are analyzed. The anonymity of the electricity supplier practitioners told the Post reporter, report the high credibility of the listed Jingdong flow analysis and customer scale of core data, only the inner core of people to master, "as the war slobber parties and interests, Jingdong and Amoy is unlikely to divulge this report, there may be other competitors from the provocation."

reported that a cat once developed, the Jingdong customers will be split, or customer traffic entrance was a cat "clamp", naked price competition will be staged in the electricity industry. At the same time, the report also pointed out that the vertical shopping search field is still in a state of exploration, the user’s habits have not yet been trained, but the rapid growth of its traffic. Therefore, the report believes that Jingdong should be a high-profile announcement to stop cooperation with Amoy, and take appropriate measures to prevent a Amoy Jingdong page information grab.


report also listed Jingdong in the field of vertical search of the four major drawbacks: the weak competitiveness of its own search technology, suppliers and partners are small, lack of experience in the operation of advertising pages and search based on the platform, the lack of experience in the operation of the network and community forum. Therefore, the report recommends that Jingdong take a "vertical alliance strategy, yuanjiaojingong complementary resources".

25, the Morning Post reporter found that Jingdong mall has been the first time to modify the search engine crawler rules, shielding a Amoy Jingdong user evaluation information grab. From the search for Jingdong to change the limitations of the search crawler, it does not limit the search engine Baidu, Google, Youdao, etc..

prior to May, the Jingdong store said in a statement released by Alipay, the high rate of comprehensive disable alipay. Insiders had analyzed, Jingdong is a move to worry about Taobao, fear of sales data is mastered.

in June this year, after the completion of a Taobao three, a separate network announced that its core business is the entire network of electronic business platform for product information, product prices and the use of

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