Thinking of optimizing the use of the nternet to serve the way to upgrade the experience of tire up

in the past 2015, "Internet plus" has become a social hot topic. The way tiger car starting from the customer demand, breakthrough upgrade service and its own platform advantages based on the work in May 2015, Zhong An Insurance launched China tire insurance breakthrough Service – "the way tiger tire protection", through the WeChat online application and voucher form to realize the claims process, effectively solve the customer in the Road on the way the menace from the rear tire damage. Provides a new direction for the automobile market related fields to embrace the "Internet plus".


tires for consumers to bring a new online shopping experience

online platform to buy authentic products at lower prices become more and more consumers demand. The way tiger car full integration of online and offline resources, to ensure the tire quality at the same time the chain between the tire manufacturers and consumers is shortened, so as to effectively reduce the communication cost of logistics, to bring consumers more convenient and affordable.

based car tyres always genuine low price advantage in the continuation of the way tiger on the way tiger tyres for gaps in the market after the car tire insurance, Zhong An insurance joint launched a special "tyre" service: in the guarantee period (1 years) in a burst of bulge accident, to form payment vouchers the initial purchase price of 80% tires. In accordance with the requirements of the user can apply for claims by focusing on the WeChat platform, Zhong An insurance online, can quickly obtain vouchers. The vouchers can be used to buy tires, car maintenance, goods, a ticket for the convenience of consumers more choice.

not only that, unlike traditional insurance, "tyre" very Internet features — the way tiger car according to the relevant person in charge: where to buy tires in the way tiger platform, and the installation is in transit Humen store users can receive a free tire this insurance service. In other words, consumers do not need any complex two operations, just need to buy a single tire as usual, you can automatically get tire service.

one more reason for consumers to choose the way of the tiger

The relevant research data show that

, the traditional insurance company difficult to carry out tyre insurance business is subject to the following three major risk factors: one is the quality risk, different brands and the brand quality is different, it is difficult to control the probability of problems; the two is the moral hazard, the tire is easy to remove, prone to false claims; three the risk of loss, different road conditions, the probability of risk is difficult to control.

, however, why is the way the tiger is determined to provide consumers with car tires such a free service?

it is understood that, on the one hand, the way tiger car is cheap authentic as the main business philosophy, "on the way to change the tire, the proverbial tiger" in the middle of the consumer already; on the other hand, the way tiger through the "technology innovation mode of a tire of a code, improve the sale of tire identification, so as to guarantee the consumer online shopping experience.

therefore, the accumulation of the market after the car service for many years cultivating powerful online and offline operation.

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