Foreign trade website construction is often overlooked 4 tips for success

talked about the foreign trade website how to succeed, many people will have to express their views, such as how the Google AdWords advertising, how to use the KPI strategy, how to analyze the website structure adjustment of user behavior patterns and so on. Here, we don’t want to talk about technical things, but to recover the original simplicity 4 views of the foreign trade, electronic commerce is often neglected in the elaborate, to think about what is the secret of successful trade website.

customer repeat consumption is the determining factor

The average amount of

many owners will pursue foreign trade orders, the number of orders to the better, the higher the amount of orders on behalf of success. Actually otherwise. Just as the traditional industry attention ‘repeat’, as if the customer is only bought a go, then over time, sales will encounter bottlenecks.

word of mouth is the best way to promote online

Although the

PPC is an important part of the network marketing, but if the product or service itself is not popular, then play more advertising is futile. On the contrary, if the webmaster can in the intensive and meticulous farming product or service, have a good reputation in the customer base, can reach beyond the reach of advertising effect. The so-called "wine is not afraid of deep alley", say is the truth.

don’t compete with price

domestic e-commerce to do foreign trade is a major advantage of low prices. But if the price is "amnesty", expected by competitors and the price war to occupy a market advantage, deviate from the original intention, resulting in a lose lose. The law of market value proves that price competition is not successful, and the same is true for foreign trade website construction.

customer service is not cost, but investment

many webmaster do foreign trade to the customer service and not enough, that customer complaints, customer dissatisfaction is the problem, solve the problem for these customers will result in increased costs, so often ignore or take hasty approach to do customer service. In fact, for the customer to solve the problem is to solve their own problems, through customer service, the webmaster can clearly understand their own website still exist what problem, also need to how to improve. Customer satisfaction is a kind of investment behavior, as the customer on the site has high quality user experience will have the willingness to buy again, the customer will be the site of the good reputation of letting more people know, so as to achieve the purpose of word-of-mouth marketing. Therefore, from the perspective of improving the user experience, or from the perspective of marketing, customer service is a very rewarding investment.

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