Small and medium enterprises to enter e-commerce need to do the first step

is the first contributor to A5, so introduce yourself before the text starts. I am in 07 years after exposure to SEO, the strong interest, then in 08 years were determined by SEO technology Wangzhuan occupation development direction, began to engage in the Internet industry, to become an outstanding Internet spam porters, and engaged in garbage station work stations. After that, the direction of development to the enterprise network marketing. From SEO to SEM, and then to the actual network marketing, bit by bit accumulated some experience in the promotion and data analysis. Because before this smooth sailing, easy job hopping in 2010, founded the operation of a lighting mall website. However, the year did not achieve the desired results. In addition, also spent all savings, the mood also fell to the bottom. Is "who died before victory". 2011 by a friend to a network of public relations in Beijing & brand planning company took office as a SEO engineer. In all sorts of reasons, missed the final with the company, and then returned to Zhengzhou… OK, complete nonsense… The following began to share some experience in recent years from the failure to understand, hope you will.

: first you intend to enter the e-commerce market, should consider the product and market, determine your business products or services are suitable for online sales channels, and how the market can do the largest scale and so on, so as to determine the scale of investment. Of course, these data also need a certain amount of experience through data, conversion, and logistics conditions and other factors to accurately determine.

main analysis: 1 target customer market analysis

analysis of the purchase of your products customer search behavior habits, popular is the keyword data analysis.

reference: Baidu index, Baidu promotion account background and Taobao keyword recommendation, data cube and other open data comprehensive testing and evaluation, and control the amount of search data in previous years soared, determine the market situation and development speed.

2 competitor analysis

The intensity and the level of

through the search engine to see competitors marketing, professional level, the website front-end technology operation level, comprehensive evaluation and service capabilities to test competitive rivals, can refer to the Taobao platform product sales, product data cube category of daily trading volume, analysis and sellers. Then we can formulate a strategy, take the essence, discard the dross. In order to understand baizhanbudai.

the actual operation of these operations is not so simple, often need to rely on a wealth of experience to judge. And it is important to emphasize that it is very necessary to use data driven to understand the market, rather than blindly market segments.

second: strategic development planning and planning management objectives

It is important to

this, I suffered here, small businesses rely on business survival, want to grow we need to rely on.

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