Ask where shore electricity cold

electricity supplier has been under fire for three years, in 2011 before the electricity supplier in the field, a legendary enough to convince the electricity supplier is in the myth of the times. The rise of VANCL magic, magic mall Jingdong continue financing rapid growth, magic again listed on nasdaq. Even if we put these magic company, we explore the first Taobao seller, still see the magic number: ten million input, one year sales may be more than thirty million dozen! Grass collection of hundreds of millions of sales to


recently, however, the age of myth seems to be over, and reports from the public data, even those companies also suffered the most magical world of trouble:

one, the recent trends in the industry that the electricity supplier’s bubble may burst at any time:

1, Eslite layoffs of 5% employees in the online posting, is said to have asked: three vintage.

2, Jingdong mall also need to wait until 2012 to achieve the first profitable, the recent rush to market.

3, Dangdang has been listed in the second quarter of this year, a net loss of $4 million 400 thousand, an increase of 60%.

4, the middle of last month, Shenzhen Huaqiang North, a mobile phone industry and electronic commerce website quietly closed. According to the Shenzhen e-commerce industry association data show that the registration of the 3700 e-commerce companies, nearly 500 last year, accounting for nearly half of the registered capital of the company, accounting for about 13.5%.

does not appear in the cold winter, the autumn is also possible. But as we see, the electronic commerce on the altar of truth is: at present China e-commerce are difficult to achieve profitability. The most fashionable nature of the company on the altar in the burn". In order to obtain the control of the channel, the platform moves seems to be only a low price. This "low price" is not the nature of the electricity supplier to bring cheap, but bring cheap meat. The electricity supplier is not really cheap resort discount, but by reducing circulation, reducing circulation costs and low cost. Such a vicious competition to the industry to carry out business enterprise has brought such confusion: "if this help grandson money not to burn, still flesh discount, how can we get from the product line to sell


two, foam and price war, to carry out the traditional business electricity supplier business has brought great challenges:

1, the new channel does not bring lower marketing costs, media prices bullish, the establishment of specialized departments for the new channel has become a cost of consumption.

, 2 new channels in the factors of price war, it is difficult to make money, not to be afraid to lose the opportunity, it may lose everything.

3, foam brought new channel personnel costs rose sharply, some experience of the electricity supplier specialized personnel price rise directly to a high position.

4, the cold weather comes, there is no time to


three, we carefully examine the electricity supplier in the field, you can analyze >

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