00 why Taobao is so successful eBay suffer a big

1, eBay lost in the wrong understanding of C2C electricity supplier business model:

04 years in December, I wrote a blog, eBay was not defeated. At that time, the choice of BSP suck, the original can’t find. But there is a saying I later cited, is: "Eachnet is a miscalculation Taobao will certainly back up profit burden mistake for Taobao now so arrogant, Taobao is free of charge and how


eBay that year, you are the rise of Taobao is free, but C2C mall profit model is to receive intermediary fees, so now you free of charge, it seems that you are arrogant. But sooner or later you have to charge, and I behind foreign adults eBay backing you just a copycat enterprises (in the wood louse seems to have not the word copycat) I still can beat you……

, however, Taobao is not charging, charging (intermediate has not been tried under a small collection of results almost let Taobao do eBay pat copy staged the play, Taobao sweat quickly halted fees)…… EBay, wait, wait, wait until the cup is full.

2, eBay lost to the new user expansion ineffective:

is then Taobao’s victory is not from the hands of eBay users grab. The store will not easily move, when Taobao has just started to promote the compulsory pop-up advertisements and full Internet let all people are very disgusted with Taobao. And today’s feeling is not the same, then we think that the name of Taobao is very cottage, very migrant workers, most of the eBay sellers do not like.

and for the seller, when Taobao has a certain appeal, they do not have to move, the media virtualization of the Internet so that they just want to open a store in Taobao. That is, when Taobao finally began to attract eBay sellers to Taobao shop, eBay does not actually lose their users.


really makes Taobao rise is that people who don’t have access to the Internet or shop online. In Taobao’s strong advertising push, the number of first contact with e-commerce users chose Taobao. In the year of the rapid growth of the number of Internet users in the year, Taobao to maximize the capture of the incremental market, while eBay adhere to existing customers to maintain……


like me from the beginning of 2002 on eBay to buy things, sell things users, maintained against Taobao for a long time, but it was no use, because in 2003, e-commerce users and sellers in 2004 a new, far more than the previous user.

finally, when Taobao mastered nearly 80% of China’s Internet traffic on the entrance, it basically declared the failure of ebay.

3, eBay lost in the eBay boss:

in this state, in fact, early 03

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