Stepping into the reform of the deep waters of Ali electricity supplier restructuring electricity su

original title: stepping into the reform of the deep water Ali electricity supplier

Tmall recently very fire, because the news is very intensive: change of investment rules, Amazon opened flagship store, the person in charge of coaching…… For a long time, Tmall has become synonymous with double 11 data. But the core plate as Ali’s traditional retail business electricity suppliers, Tmall has become the first knife business in 2015. The chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba at the beginning of Ma said "on last year’s performance is not satisfactory, employees do not give red envelopes" like it, although not necessarily linked with the current Tmall but Ali before and after the listing of forays, re-examine the business should also be the most need to reach areas of reform.

division of the road

came from a Taobao Mall Road, Tmall play to Taobao’s role in the past four or five years, emphasizing the brand business and the quality of life, the B2C structure is convenient for Ali on the platform to better control the sale of products, but also help Tmall to become the biggest bargaining chip Ali against Jingdong, Suning and other major competitors. You know, in Ali, Jingdong’s repeated confrontation, the quality problem has been the most commonly used Jingdong offensive weapons. Fortunately, when Ali listed, continue to strengthen the quality control management background, Tmall advantage in the B2C arena is still huge.

coincidentally, as Taobao spin off group purchase brand, Juhuasuan is also in the group purchase war plays a similar role in Tmall, although the market is not willing to take Juhuasuan as a group purchase view, but this "discount sale model to the later was produced with and on the value of. If not attack, will also reinforce the Ali moat.


forces combat situation has lasted many years, despite a few big business person in charge to replace many times, but always keep on thinking independently. But the first month in 2015 after the new year, Alibaba conducted a large group of high-level personnel changes: Tmall CEO Wang Yulei (Qiao Feng) was dismissed, Taobao President Zhang Jianfeng (Britain), Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan chief, in an official statement, Zhang Jianfeng described a more qualitative rise: Alibaba the person in charge of China retail platform.

Chinese retail platform, the Alibaba’s earnings often appear in similar terms used to describe the retail business of domestic electricity supplier, but the structure and personnel level, Ali Zhang Jianfeng broke precedent, although there is no rules for business integration, but this is after years of Taobao or Ali concept once again surfaced.

Ma Yun’s worry

on personnel appointment and restructuring, there are a lot of rumors on the rivers and lakes, such as the top of Wang Yulei personal ability is not satisfied or Tmall sales Tesla Oolong Bureau, hammer mobile phone brush rumors and so on, but many details now cannot be verified, but it certainly is specific to the Ali Co, Ma Ali was not satisfied with the performance last year.

in February 13th this year, Ma Yun

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