Flying business alliance with hundreds of city 200+ shopping center to create a National Christmas C

with the gradual transformation of the real business of the Internet transformation process, more and more shopping centers continue to launch consumer online and offline combination of personalized services. In December 24th, the "real business + Internet scene service operators who fly, will be combined with more than 200 national 100 City Shopping Center jointly launched the" fifast business alliance 200+ Shopping Center Christmas Carnival Night "theme of large-scale promotional activities, online and offline consumption by fusion, Internet + business entity" composite business model to enhance the user experience, increase the popularity of the shopping center.

offline shopping center after the transformation of the Internet, brand marketing businesses become rich and varied, the Christmas activities online and offline combination is full of new ideas, not only to meet the Internet era, people’s consumption demand, but also can find a path with the Internet grafting shopping center and brands.

experiential consumption gradually popular

modern people’s consumption is no longer limited to material consumption, but also the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction, therefore, "experiential consumption" has become the "reinforcement" of many shopping centers. "Flying where the business alliance 200+ Shopping Center Christmas Eve" is the largest this year a shopping center linkage, its greatest feature is the consumer experience, this is the shopping center hope a marketing model to try. It is understood that over 200 shopping centers covering Beijing, Shanghai, the Guangzhou, Nanjing, Xi’an City, Changsha 100, 000 super brand in covering catering, clothing, cosmetics, family, household appliances, jewelry, leisure and entertainment services and other areas of life, to bring a number of online fifast business alliance under the line of premium discount for consumers.

"experiential consumption" pay more attention to consumer participation, experience and feelings, during the event, fifast launched 5 billion big red delivery and million Hao Li crazy pumping "shake" activities, in line with the modern consumer online shopping habits, also let the shopping center with consumers in hand as the carrier, close interaction. It is reported that in December 18th -2 month 13 days, fifast will send 10 yuan -100 yuan ranging from multiple general red envelopes, worth $5 billion, consumers in the shopping center with cooperation fifast universal vouchers logo merchants signed when the consumer can use envelopes to now.

at the same time, in December 24th and December 31st two days, flying where APP will provide consumers delivery 500 thousand roses and 5000 iPhone6S mobile phone, 10 thousand mobile phone millet, 60 thousand multi function Bluetooth speakers such as Hao Li, as long as consumers in the shopping center where the commercial flying cooperation alliance, connecting business field Wi-Fi, open the Bluetooth mobile phone, login to fly van APP, at a specific time to participate in the "shake" activities, will have the opportunity to get.

during the event consumers can also fly in all APP in a wide variety of flash purchase activities, 1 yuan, super cheap grab grab delicacy delicacy packages, electronic products, jewelry, garments and other wonderful flash purchase activities. For the first time to download and use the van APP consumer, you can also

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