Wolf CEO on small and medium enterprise e-commerce and network marketing how to prepare

with the rapid development of e-commerce, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises started to learn e-commerce and network marketing, blowing into e-commerce horn, we all know the importance of electronic commerce, or e-commerce all know, to do business, but small and medium enterprises how to do e-commerce e-commerce? In the end what can bring to small and medium-sized enterprises often have a lot of attention? Wolf series of e-business research articles by the author of the QQ friends will ask me some blog readers and such problems, then as a wolf team CEO, the author would like to say to all the small and medium enterprises, e-commerce is not a marketing myth. Good e-commerce, traditional business or are in business for small and medium enterprises, we are the leader and winner in traditional industries, in the electronic commerce market as we can is a leader and winner.

for a small and medium enterprises engaged in e-commerce, we have one more marketing channels, and gradually formed with the consumer e-commerce, e-commerce wolf insists the CEO, through the network to find the target customer is the key. Not long ago, the electronic commerce team saw a company paid too much attention to the blog marketing, through the so-called celebrity to publish blog points on that in the planning and promotion, the author also wrote a news of criticism, criticism of why? Because I think it is not possible to vague marketing enterprises how much of the accuracy of the target customers, this is also the author said: "the red Wine famous blog marketing case, get free wine blog is not a blogger, are influential bloggers on blogs", simple to have a huge marketing effect is absolutely impossible, if such the company, find a few salesman day registered 20 blog has released it, 5 employees have more than 100 blog, the marketing effect can really good play Come on? Well, only the use of such marketing methods blog owners have the right to speak, the author of the recent survey feedback, the effect is really very general!

for a small and medium-sized enterprises, we need to do in the end how to prepare it? The author for this problem, I want to elaborate on four aspects:

1, corporate bosses are ready for a long battle


why is the first to do to fight for a long time? Because, found in the exchange, many small business owners, especially late into the electronic commerce industry of small and medium-sized enterprises, there is a misunderstanding, is often believe that can be achieved in 3 days and 2 nights to create a profitable e-commerce myth, if really can be, it can also have competition? Who go to training, can make money.

think, many of our boss’s traditional industry history which is not hard to get paid by the customer, is one of the tens of millions of years of accumulation and maintenance, performance is a gradual growth year after year, a traditional enterprise and traditional channels need to win more than 2 years, what reason can let an enterprise in.

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