Jumei.com’s third largest shareholder holdings of 2 million shares of K2 Partners

K2 Partners is currently in the jumei.com Holdings

[TechWeb] February 15th news reports, jumei.com early investors, private Holdings Company K2 Partners holdings of about 2 million shares of jumei.com for $25 million 890 thousand.

jumei.com submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the shareholders report (hereinafter referred to as the 13G file 13G file) shows that as of December 31, 2014, K2 Partners held 10911760 shares of jumei.com shares, compared to May last year a decrease of 2043191 ordinary shares.

jumei.com last year listed on the same day (May 16, 2014) documents submitted, after the listing, K2 Partners will hold 12954951 common shares, the shareholding ratio of 9.1%, is the third largest shareholder.



listed on the disclosure of ownership structure of

13G documents show that K2 Partners will be adjusted to 10911760 stake in the actual shares of ordinary shares, the shareholding ratio has dropped from 9.1% to 7.2%.


Friday’s closing price of $12.67 per American depositary shares, K2 Partners sold 2043191 shares (2043191 shares of American Depositary Shares) $25 million 890 thousand cash.

jumei.com SEC documents submitted showed that K2 Partners was made by Chen Keyi and Huaxing Capital Partners (China Renaissance Partners) a private Holdings Company co founded in 2010.

August 2011, K2 Partners and Success Origin Limited Xu Xiaoping paid $500 thousand to acquire 12474377 shares of jumei.com A-1 preferred shares, of which the former 11580802 A-1 preference shares; thereafter, Sequoia Capital, K2 Partners, Success Origin Limited spent $6 million 500 thousand acquisition of jumei.com 26000000 series A-2 preference shares, of which K2 Partners obtained 2000000 shares A-2 preferred stock. (small peak)

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