After the car market fell again, but this time it fell very calm

The first project

car market after the 2016 fall, the old man, a Fujian based Quanzhou venture, a 4S shop car vertical business platform, this is probably the first time you heard, but to be sure, this is the last time you hear, because difficult to continue funding strand breaks it down, the.


calm these two words, not just to say that the CEO is talking to me and the state of mind, but also stressed that this is located in the city of the three line of the project regardless of life or death are low-key people worry.

time is a quietly game opponent, it is a card, you can talk, you can also play pass, how happy, world without end, or not, not all onlookers said, whether to continue, when to leave, is a state of mind at the moment.

Han Shuai state of mind at the moment is very calm, but given the loss of data will then reluctantly sneer at several times.

the time axis back on Friday night, Han Shuai contacted me already near zero, told me his project stopped, but also after the car market in 2016 the first fall of the project, as in the case of failure to sniff out the media behind the value at the same time, my intuition is also in doubt, because it is never heard of a project.


has not been reported, so in disguised form, this article is the first report of the Carter network is also the last time.

"the old man is a vertical 4S shop car business platform, B2B B2C. I and two other buddy together at 1 million 200 thousand for start-up capital, while the Polish side product promotion, first hope their products will have hematopoietic capacity, did not expect the market environment Lost time is never found again…… In the continued loss of contrast, I had to find investors, and saw no less than 30 investors, but finally refused me…… Money does not melt up funding strand breaks, so we have to close the project, and the dissolution of the dissolution of the dissolution of our small partners, the new job has also left……"

above is the opening of the interview Han shuai.

The old man

network headquartered in Quanzhou, had the idea for this project in October 6, 2014, and officially launched the project from time is 7 months later.

The old man

network founding team three people were Han Shuai, Luo Kunhai and Gao Rong, the top two have more than and 10 years of experience in market operation and customer service of Fujian local automobile group car, accumulated experience and accumulated some 4S store resources, while Gao Rong is a focus on the 4S store network security the IT technical staff, "the team was established after Gao Rong and I are in charge of the overall operation, and Luo Kunhai responsible for BD business promotion." Han Shuai introduced to.

The old man

network built docking platform merchants settled in PC, entrance end, WeChat service number, APP store. The old man, "

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