The impact of online shopping survey of consumers under the ten factors

with the rising cost of advertising, e-commerce business pressure is more and more big, how to improve the user becomes more and more important in the turnover rate based on the original, this article from the brand, users lock, publicity slogans, detailed anatomy of a variety of products, hoping to find a a common disease in increasing the proportion of ROI business.

a, brand effect

brand is the guarantee of customer loyalty and turnover rate. Whether it is from the search engine brand zone, or search engine brand, the general conversion rate reached more than 50%. Visible brand conversion rate how much force. And from several major portals advertising or other CPS channels of advertising, brand awareness of the turnover rate is much higher than the rate of non well-known brands. So why are the portals are the major brands of CPS rather than non well-known brands, because it will affect their conversion rate, and ultimately affect their income. Therefore, the impact of the brand is the biggest cause of turnover.

two, target group locking and targeted marketing

any electronic commerce website, the user groups must within certain limits, so the electricity supplier in the market and other site cooperation, must be targeted, according to user groups and the characteristics of our products find a suitable channel and site cooperation, it can reduce the bounce rate to our website users. Another is Baidu, Google and other related SEM launch, you can lock in those areas of popular users, so that we can improve the conversion rate. Such as the closure of foreign users search. At the same time, increase the intensity of the long tail word, but also to maximize the conversion rate.

three, promotional products and actual products have access to


in foreign propaganda, many times through the eyeball economy to attract users to our platform. However, the actual product and user platform we see there is a relatively large gap, can also cause the user to jump out rate is relatively high, thus affecting the conversion rate.

four, product richness

product is also a very important factor affecting the conversion rate of our website. Any website (SKU products) if the number is small, so the user can choose less, and the contrast between goods and goods is not strong, so attractive to users is obviously not enough, this is also the reason why some desperately open platform B2C platform.

five, lack of effective communication with the user channel


is non standardized products, one must have the entrance let users can contact you immediately, help them to products on the body characteristics and user queries in the mind a good guide, so users can rest assured that the purchase of your products, but also for non standardized products, customer service itself is the best the promotion, so must be the most convenient means of communication between websites and consumers. >

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