B2B2C fully open up the e-commerce ecosystem in Guangzhou held a grand network

today, trading fourth net goods jointly organized by the Guangdong provincial economic and Information Technology Commission, Guangzhou Municipal People’s government, China E-Commerce Association, Alibaba group will be held in Guangzhou Liuhua hall. Guangdong and Guangzhou, the relevant government leaders and chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma attended the meeting.


Alibaba has about 39000000 members of China’s small business, with a variety of good reputation and good quality sources, Taobao has more than 200 million of individual members and large sellers, the transaction volume of more than $09 over the past year. To build a platform to open up B2B, B2C market, to provide direct communication and transaction services, buyers and sellers are urgently needed, but also the road of e-commerce will be the road, but also the original Alibaba.

network goods conference to combine the advantages of Alibaba and Taobao resources together, to achieve the B2B2C e-commerce industry chain." IResearch analyst Wang Fang said that the B2B2C definition includes the existing B2C and C2C platform business model, more integrated, can provide more quality services to help businesses directly act as the role of the seller, and the merchant directly pushed to the front face to face and let consumers, producers and consumers can obtain more benefits.

for enterprises, through this platform can directly face the terminal consumer contact, not only can reduce the cost of intermediate channel, at the same time can be more directly and quickly understand the needs of the consumer market trends.

Guangzhou Hongju Garments Co., Ltd is a Guangdong local enterprises on behalf of the Liujiang River and Zhang Hongran, husband and wife 03 years to establish the shop clothing sales company, in May 09 they took part in the first "net goods fair", and won the "the world’s ten largest Alibaba network business" title in September last year.

"last year, we took the gold market will be the most gold clothing exhibition location, made 20000 promotional materials and a full box of business cards. 6 orders, in July we grew 17%, will later clients the phones are ringing off the hook, within two months of the company’s customer service had to work overtime every day for more than an hour, but also received hundreds of customers to the company site pick." The Liujiang River, told reporters that the first network Fair will be 3 days, hung up the company reached a cooperation agency suddenly expanded to a total of 1000. Rely on these 1000 agents to do online retail, hung in 2009 sales of the company than in the year of 2008 is twice as high.

in this way, a B2B2C (small business – small businesses – consumers) of the new business model spawned a new business opportunities, so that a couple of small businesses to achieve a big dream.

"2010 year Guangzhou" net goods fair "as a continuation of the previous three times and deepening in the host process, meeting exhibitors types of goods and quality, supplier and purchaser of scale, are more professional, more targeted, higher level of participants. Alibaba hope

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