Google AdSense and Picasa Firefox advertising promotion tips inside

    do Google Adsense advertising has been for a long time, in the QQ often ask me how to do Google Advertising, what type of advertising is best to earn. Today, we are here to communicate with each other and explore how to do a good job of Firefox and picasa.

    remember some time ago, because Wang Tong said he had a English station, IP300, earning 4000 knife, and received a lot of netizens attack, in fact, think it is not impossible. For those directly from the search engine input "Firefox download" and "Picasa download" to enter search keywords visitors the possibility they download is too large, according to my calculations, direct search into my Firefox browser or Picasa download page, download a lot of chances when more than 50%.

    head to say, I just started to do GG promotion, just a code in your web page, the effect is very poor, six thousand or seven thousand IP stations, more time is less than 5, the content of advertising than directly put much worse. Later, I will go further, in the next article in the ad to put an end to the virus and rogue web browser software, the effect is slightly better, but still not ideal.

    one day, I saw an article from, let me enlightened, that is how to do the Asian dating service advertising, that is to be a special page devoted to Asia FriendFinder, then put on his league connection.

    here, you should understand. After that, I did a few specialized pages, put on the introduction of Firefox and Picasa material, which put their own code, others download, I will make money. After use, found that the effect is good, can apply for more than a few special domain, put the GG advertising promotion, income is considerable (the specific number of ^_^ still do not say it to


    so, do not directly to the code on the page to hang up, even if it is a special page. Some people say, but I do not do ah, ah, in Baidu or Google, just search for "Firefox download" Firefox download "and the like, look at it, is this kind of website. Learn from ~ ~ ~, of course, do not all the same, a little change, especially the others to get rid of the counter, before a lot of people to keep my counter, leading me to see their own traffic are very affected. Of course, the GG code inside the people behind the pub- to replace their own things, or else is free to do.

    the next thing to do is to Submit search engines, so that they can be included in the optimization of the page >

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