Chinese electricity supplier money will not burn white

the road to Jane, China electricity supplier around but characterized by burn fight hand to hand with the market competition, it is very cruel, but it is not necessary to over pessimistic, as long as the hold on, there will be a way out. There are three reasons: first, Chinese business experience cold is not the first time, every time after the cold will get more vigorous development; second, China people need electronic commerce; thirdly, the current economic environment, it is not easy to other traditional industries, the funds will eventually come in.

some people say that in the burn war enterprise "dead fertilizer, live is the hero", although this word is not good, but a statement of fact, no matter whether the success of individual enterprises, Chinese burnt in the e-commerce market are not money evaporated, the expansion in the market, in the promotion service and consumer groups to expand, the industry in the development, these are actually burn "at the cost of".


following the resignation, IPO veteran Wu postponed last week and said Shijiyisi Eslite blog exposed dead stock years accumulated deficit may exceed 2 billion yuan. This blog pointed out, where the employees annual salary expenditure of at least 500 million yuan, and Internet advertising costs 1 billion 500 million, spokesman invested 400 million, this concludes: "sales is still not enough to maintain the cost of marketing vancl…… Four years of accumulated deficit may exceed 2 billion".


CEO aged Eslite quickly denied the claim, but the related blog or aroused widespread concern in the industry of electronic commerce. Although these speculations may not be accurate, but not Weakness lends wings to rumours. The past six months, really have a cold spell in the last year to the great leap forward development of the electronic commerce industry hit China. Burn no stop, no profit, no financing, listed under no road environment, many commercial enterprises have felt a chill, and stress response under financial pressure. For example, the Jingdong announced the first mall to break "the free shipping" norm, requirements merchants settled share advertising, music Amoy network lopped off 80% marketing expenses.

where the customer is not really a loss of 2 billion, as long as the parties do not publish digital business, it is impossible to know the exact outside. But in recent years where the customer’s burn intensity observation, this figure is likely, at least, we have the ability to achieve this number. While the industry has the ability to withstand the loss of more than a customer. Since October 2007, where the customer has received a total of five $400 million round of financing, and another home appliance business giant Jingdong mall, is a $1 billion 531 million round of financing, the outside is 3 billion yuan loss last year rumors. Only in the first half of this year, China’s electricity supplier has been disclosed in the field of investment and financing (excluding buy) a total of $1 billion 830 million.

10 digit investment and loss prediction, this number not only reflects the status of burn electricity supplier companies, one side is also recognized by the rapid growth of the electricity supplier. This size of the electricity supplier, if returned five years ago, at least I can not imagine.

fanatical investment so that the electricity supplier giants to seize the market without fear of loss, >

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