Mobile Taobao report female users into mobile nternet shopping is the main force

August 20th news, Taobao today released the 2012 Q2 wireless electronic commerce data report, the report pointed out that the second quarter real category turnover ratio, female related categories turnover accounted for more than 40%, among them, women’s shoes, beauty makeup, and maternal snacks category continued high Vegetable & Fruit. The report also pointed out that female users have become the main force in the mobile phone Taobao, their approach and purchasing power continues to improve, to promote the development of the mobile Internet market into a mature period.

data show that in the 2 quarter of 2012, wireless female members accounted for an increase of 10 percentage points over the same period last year, reaching 54%. One year, a reversal of the wireless Taobao members of the men and women, women’s consumer power quietly rising.

wireless Taobao data show that the number of female users in the 2 quarter of the platform continues to rise, which accounted for nearly of female users on the iOS platform, Android users accounted for the proportion of women is also gradually improved, reaching 48.2%. Early mobile phone Taobao Android users accounted for more male female high price bureau, with the increase in the Android mobile phone number and female users, Taobao Android also continued growth than female users accounted for nearly 50%, 2 quarter, is expected in the second half of Android users accounted for women than men will.

data show that the overall composition of the transaction, the client turnover accounted for 58%, the first time in the first quarter exceeded WAP turnover in the 2 quarter.

data show that in the 2 quarter of Taobao’s main client number of users still maintain high growth, the most fierce Android users share gains in June accounted for 44%. Almost equalled iPhone client users accounted for, is expected in the second half of Android users will exceed iPhone to become the largest Taobao main client group.

June 2012 data show that Taobao iOS client turnover accounted for up to 80% of the total Taobao client. The fruit powder consumption enthusiasm continues to expand, Taobao client has become their shopping consumption in the weapon, whenever and wherever possible.


data show that through the browser to access the phone’s traffic accounted for Taobao, iOS own browser access accounted for 4 percentage points down to, Android and QQ, UCWEB browser access accounted for an increase of up to 1%.

data show that the user login iPad client access hours accounted for over iPhone and Android in the 18 day, and 22 points in the use of the peak. In contrast, the working time, the portability of the phone is better than iPad; and after work, users have to pick up the screen is bigger, better visual effects in the iPad Taobao mobile shopping and shopping.

data show that the 2 quarter of wireless Taobao new login >

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