Taobao rural service station was Ali Ali emergency voice

May 6th news, recently appeared in Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangdong and other places to Tmall, Taobao official authorized false service center caused Ali attention.

is reported that these fake service centers in the name of the development of rural electricity supplier market in the city and county merchants, and collect fees, which is not consistent with Ali’s own service center policy.

The day before the Alibaba

said in a statement, Taobao only for rural areas to recruit rural township (town), village service station partners, and do not charge any fees. The name of the Alibaba or fraudulent use of rural Taobao joining fees companies or institutions, Ali said it would retain the right of recourse.

In addition,

announced the official registration of rural Taobao partner channel.


figure for Alibaba official statement

it is understood that in 2014, the Alibaba said it would in the next 3~5 years invested 10 billion yuan thousand million village development plan, namely the establishment of 1000 county-level operations centers and 100 thousand village service station, drive the rural entrepreneurial opportunity, let Taobao village "in a nationwide promotion.

by the end of March this year, Taobao has been stationed in the Alibaba of rural more than and 10 provinces, covering nearly 1000 village.

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