He Tao three key points to make the site profitable

on the Internet and personal webmaster future road venture e-commerce may account for a large part of the market, and now there are many webmaster began to make a transition to e-commerce, do their own store, for those advertising commissions may not be our money as long. E-commerce for the sale of products on the network to make money is still a lot of success stories, but also more and more webmasters have started to put the line under the operation of the product on the Internet to sell. I probably summed up the majority of the mall’s own three characteristics: good products, targeted traffic, good after-sales.

good products in fact, this is a very deep feeling for me, because our company is selling children’s clothing on the network. So what I say here is a good product, it contains not only refers to the quality of the product itself, of course, including the price of the product. From the quality of the products is: in the business lane are interlinked, if you are to do the store, then your audience may be some people living around you, so if you are really serious quality problems, you believe in a local time don’t stay for a long time, but it is very deadly.

from the point of view of online sales, because of the popularity of the Internet and the rapid spread of information, which has become a special consideration for our businesses to consider the quality of our products. In particular, there is a little difference between online sales and offline. On the Internet we can hardly see the real product, we can only guess the quality of the product through the details of the map to. So as a consumer he will look to the price of the product. We often go shopping online friends will find, for example, we go to Taobao, the same product will have a lot of different answers. If the other conditions are the same, will give priority to the price of your low price seller?

for the line to say, this is not so obvious. Because the choice of space for buyers is so big, he can not go to a lot of places for the same product to do comparison, some even because of convenience, First come, first served..

has a lot of friends believe that the target flow or better understanding, we are all Internet practitioners, for this I want to target traffic especially for our SEO operation will have more relationship. Because we have to consider the site conversion rate on the Internet, we can get traffic in many ways, even in the market now appears a call in a specialist SEO according to the ratio of sales to calculate wages, it fully shows the importance of the target site traffic. The simplest example: if you are a store selling fruit of the boss, you want your store to see more people? Or more people to buy? Many people do not buy, see a fruit will touch a few, some also eat a few. This is what you don’t want to see for you. So when doing e-commerce, do not compare with others how much you day IP, you want to earn more than you

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