Public comment exposure data has become the largest wedding company

May 15th news, the latest was informed that the public comment founder Wei Wei exposed its platform marriage business has achieved market penetration.

data show that the public comment on the appointment of marriage business grew by 425%, the number of appointments up to 250 thousand pairs, monthly active users exceeded 10 million.

in addition, in terms of personal services, photography, entertainment and shopping three have been covered to which country 23 cities, 270 thousand businesses.

it is understood that, in March 2014, the public comment on the formal establishment of marriage division, mainly including wedding photography, wedding dress, wedding, wedding and other wedding related services 12.

public comment on the introduction, in 2015 the public comment marriage business will open up to one hundred cities; at the same time, will continue to expand the marriage and other complementary business vertical areas.

it is worth noting that, in terms of the hotel and overseas revenue, the number of people to review the number of access to the The Globe Hotel exceeded 500 thousand, orders increased by 6 times, revenue growth of 5 times.

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