Fund business battle broke out T Alexander

fund company electricity supplier business competition in full swing, many places are facing new challenges, the biggest short-term pressure may be updated IT technology. The day before, a fund company in Shenzhen IT Department official recently on the "First Financial Daily reporters, the fund’s system before the future may not be able to withstand the pressure caused by the electricity supplier transactions, this is the current fund companies need to be very careful of the problem.

the past fund trading system is a non real time, T T+1 confirmed on the trading day, T+2, days before the query, funds late, money market funds emerged that "T+0" is a landmark innovation. And now the fund company and the electricity supplier cooperation, to achieve the funds in real time, T+0 can not meet customer needs, may face 7× 24 hours of real-time transactions and payments. The person said, is this, the pressure has been great, plus the whole system after the integration with the Internet, paid through the large three party payment business cooperation with Alipay, money, the fund company’s background data processing capacity, storage capacity is a very big challenge.

domestic electricity supplier trading volume and trading pressure is the fund’s previous system can not undertake." The people think.

Taobao once said proudly, they met the system is any manufacturers including IBM, HP, Oracle (32.41, -0.32, -0.98%) are unable to solve, so Taobao has a specialized research institute, which has a lot of talent, they do a lot of work to deal with the large amount of data this online transaction.

the source said, and now even a very small number of these electricity supplier data is introduced into the fund’s website, the fund’s trading system will have a very big pressure. So now the fund company began a comprehensive electricity supplier business competition, the challenge of the system is the need to be very careful about the problem, not too blind and radical.

fund’s existing technical staff is not enough to support these needs. According to the relevant provisions of the Commission, the fund’s technical staff must reach a certain percentage of the total number of companies, but this is not much.

One of the ways to solve the problem of technical upgrading of

is to introduce an external mature technology service provider.

in fact, the fund company’s basic system development, there are a lot of outsourcing to technical service providers, or buy a mature system directly, and then do some transformation. After a substantial increase in the amount of data processing, processing speed is also higher requirements, the fund’s technology outsourcing needs may also be greater.

however, the electricity supplier business in full swing, not just the technical system to deal with the problem of pressure. For the fund company’s marketing department, how to analyze customers, how to do a good job in service with the new method, how to the sky blanket is not massive bombing of customer service, all fund companies need to change the previous way.

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