50 domain name was rejected L’OREAL to appeal to the WPO

respect rice network in October 22nd exclusive news, Mr. Liao users reported material, said he registered domain name lorealchina.net was a French cosmetics company L’OREAL complaints, may be arbitrated recently.

forced to ask for a price of 50 euros to buy

it is understood that Mr. Liao is a personal webmaster, renamed in May this year China (eName.cn) registered the domain name lorealchina.net, plan to be a furniture website. To build on the site, claiming to be received at the beginning of the September French L’OREAL company commissioned lawyer English proposed for email, free domain name request, Mr. Liao was directly rejected.

a week after Mr Liu has received second emails, the letter referred to the entrusting party is willing to not more than 50 euros of the price to buy the domain name, Liao Xiansheng also rejected the second emails "purchase request".

is not an appeal to the World Intellectual Property Organization

a month after Mr Liu received from the French L’OREAL lawyer third messages, the difference is this time to copy sent in the form of Mr. Liao, the recipient is "[email protected]", and sent a copy of the domain name lorealchina.net Registry (eName< [email protected]>), e-mail attachments and PDF format English appeal document. This is Mr. Liao understand that he will become the defendant lorealchina.net domain name arbitration case.

"[email protected]" is the World Intellectual Property Organization (World Intellectual Property Organization) to accept special e-mail complaints / domain name arbitration application, from the particularity of the domain name suffix can be seen on its authority.

regret attitude stiff hope reconciliation

Mr. Liao said he did not know when the domain name registration will encounter such trouble, there are large enterprises, of course, want to sell a good price, but did not expect it could become the defendant. Now if there is a chance, I hope to be able to resolve this issue in a peaceful way.

professional analysis

, according to analysts, the case of lorealchina.net, the holder of Mr. Liao in favor of the chance, but according to the current situation analysis and the opportunity to bid for the.

ICANN according to the international domain name administration promulgated the implementation of the "Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy Rules" provisions, the use of the domain name dispute in the process of language and the domain name holders in the present related domain name registration to confirm the registration agreement when reading the same language ". This is also the case in the domestic domain name arbitration by the Asian Domain Name Dispute Resolution Center

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