According to the review of their own e-commerce trip

I was 09 years of formal contact with the Internet work, when the university has not graduated, he came out to find an internship". The contact of "electronic commerce" network promotion work is second jobs after exposure to the Internet, then do network promotion work in the B2C online pharmacies, before work he did not know what is B2C, B2B, C2C? What is electronic commerce? What e-commerce what they eat but it is absolutely ignorant of, e-commerce will what has affected me until now.

company is mainly engaged in medical related products mainly include all kinds of OPT commonly used drugs, health care products, beauty, weight loss, infant supplies, etc.. The company was the main means of promotion is to rely on outside the station to promote, promotion is also the basis for the promotion of common, such as blog promotion, Q & a promotion, Forum promotion, Email promotion, IM promotion, soft Wen promotion, SEO, etc.. These are my initial contact with the network promotion methods, but also my most familiar with the network promotion methods. It is so good that not all standing outside promotion methods, but when you hold any promotion methods or take it to the extreme, the effect can easily be reflected in the order, performance.

The following are a few examples of

we were:

example 1:Seo is a word on the Internet last year is the fire, because the fire of the SEO also derived a lot of professional and non professional SEO training institutions, in 2010 a year between many SEO training institutions have been unexpected gains. Over the past few years SEO training institutions whether it is only Seowhy, or stone interaction both for domestic and international Internet Internet connection to make a contribution, this is also in doubt.

"L-carnitine" I think this word is familiar to everyone, but it is the most popular last year, a weight loss products. At that time, through the SEO L-carnitine this popular keywords do Baidu home front three, the daily orders are basically brought by the search engine. But then the word was a lot of businesses to do the bidding rankings, the most fire in the left side of the Baidu there are 10 bids, orders will be reduced accordingly. Later, after I left the word ranking, I left in August, probably in September when I checked out.

example 2: Q & a promotion this is simply not in a simple way to promote the station, I believe a lot of network promotion novice will, even if you are not exposed to the network will not be able to promote the promotion of this method. Most often do ask where there is no promotion in addition to Baidu know, Search ask, Q & A, YAHOO knowledge hall, Sina and so on to ask.

Q & a promotion also need to use the SEO keyword selection skills, so that questions and answers can be displayed in front of more people, so that more potential users to search. Then is the question and answer questions, questions and answers to the user to accept the content will not be

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