Speculation in the end is the domain name investment or speculation


recently, Mr. Liu took a pile of orders to the newspaper, he spent 50 thousand yuan to buy the domain name investment dream vanished. At first, an Internet company to sell the domain name to him, that is can get high returns through cybersquatting, let others high redemptions. Today, more than and 10 people in Wuxi and he had to pack the company to buy the domain name are shouted by flicker.

Liu showed him in the hands of orders last year to Wuxi mainone company bought more than and 20 names, including "listed companies navigation and many other navigation domain. Mr. Liu said at the time, the company’s sales almost every day to call him "bombing", they also took many newspaper copies to him, that is certain to register a domain name and the well-known enterprises, famous enterprises to spend money to repurchase the domain name registered, thus made a fortune. Liu can not help the temptation to invest about 50 thousand yuan. Buy soon, a strange phone call asked him in the hands of the domain name, said the intention to buy, mr.. But after this strange phone no sound, but he had no echo No one shows any interest in the domain such as. Now, Mr. Liu registered domain name has expired. Once the domain name is recovered, the order becomes a pile of waste paper. The company’s customers is Mr. Luan, two years ago, he spent 5000 yuan to buy a set of registered domain name, domain name can be set so far this did not give him a penny to create revenue. Liu said that the other people to buy the domain name will also be linked to the Internet domain name auction, but nobody cares.

"domain name investment now is just a bubble, Mr. Liu and Mr. Luan believed that the company had sales of the domain name is actually a" price city "stuff, they expressed doubts about the way of registration. Reporters saw, Mr. Liu on the part of the order of the domain name holder was turned out to be "Liu × × studio". Liu pointed out that the China Internet Network Information Center Registration Rules for the implementation of the fourth provisions: domain name applicants should be legally registered and independently assume civil liability organization." He believes that the company to help a group of natural persons to register the domain name is the first violation of the rules, and then in the registration information on the forgery of a studio, it should not be. A customer manager mainone company said, "domain name investment" is the Wuxi branch of the agency business, they do not know the details. Currently, Mr. Liu is trying to find people who have the same experience, ready to resort to law for their rights.

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