Jingdong O2O person in charge for the Deng Tianzhuo nternet gene reinforcement short board

each reporter Zhang Sifa from Beijing

yesterday (July 30th), billion euros net from close friends Jingdong public relations department was informed that the Jingdong O2O business line responsible person has been before Hou Yi replaced Deng Tianzhuo, the latter is tonight hotel special offer CEO, after the acquisition by the Jingdong into the Jingdong as vice president; Hou Yi were transferred back to their familiar field of logistics Jingdong, will be mainly responsible for the high hopes of the Asian project.

yesterday evening, Jingdong spokesman Chen Mengying told the "daily economic news" reporter said, this adjustment is normal personnel adjustment, construction and upgrade of Mr. Hou Yi will focus on Asia one project, the adjustment will be conducive to the implementation of this strategic project. Mr. Deng Tianzhuo is responsible for the existing Jingdong O2O strategy in place.

industry insiders believe that the Jingdong O2O layout has been slow, challenged by the parties, after the listing of the Jingdong to pay more attention to the creative and marketing, so replace O2O responsible person, the Asia one to be more good Hou Yi to do logistics is a reasonable arrangement.

Deng Tianzhuo Internet gene

in January of this year, Jingdong cash + stock exchange way to buy the special tonight, to further improve the layout of the O2O business, and expand its market share in the field of online travel. After the completion of the acquisition, tonight hotel special CEO Deng Tianzhuo also entered the Jingdong, as vice president of Jingdong mall.

public information, by the Jingdong before the acquisition, this Internet based mobile phone booking platform tonight hotel special offer App has been on-line more than 30 thousand hotels, of which nearly 3000 hotels are tonight hotel special offer its own resources. Tonight, the hotel is about 7 million of the size of the user, the number of orders every day nearly 2000, annual income of 10 million yuan.

can be said that in the era of mobile Internet giant eroded, tonight’s Hotel Specials were those advocating small and beautiful enterprise typical. After the September 2011 launch, the application quickly caused a sensation in the market, after causing Ctrip besieged.

reporter learned that tonight hotel special offer after 80 founder Deng Tianzhuo has worked in Microsoft background, early Internet small electricity supplier giant Newegg, serving in the United States – headquarters.

O2O senior analyst Huang Yuanpu told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, Deng Tianzhuo Internet gene, has a good performance in the mobile internet terminal, O2O Jingdong responsible person after the replacement, the strategy will be more bold or O2O. And Hou Yi is not too demotions, he worked for 20 years in the logistics industry, the Asia one to the more adept logistics Hou Yi to do a reasonable arrangement.

Jingdong: O2O strategy unchanged

after the Internet giants have shouted a high profile O2O slogan, by the end of 2013, returned to study Liu Qiangdong O2O will be identified as one of the 2014’s top five strategies. Jingdong O2O strategy with its own best

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