400 buy site suicide entrepreneurial buy fire intensified

buy site in China has just started, which has become the consensus of the Chinese buy site ceos. However, the low cost and the establishment of the United States Groupon network group purchase of the capital market in the "miracle" temptation, let entrepreneurs rush on like a swarm of hornets xinxinbaopeng. In their eyes, only I can do, and began to challenge the strength of the competition, the ability of the team, the level of profitability questioned. "Taobao in the field of group purchase no absolute advantage, do students like group purchase website Dutch act", e-commerce magnate, returnees management team, grassroots student entrepreneurs collective madness let Groupon from the point of the fire in the China intensified group purchase.


toddler in the collective madness

according to Analysys International Statistics, China has been born 300-400 group purchase website. The group purchase website unified pace mimicking Groupon, criticized known as simple and convenient interface settings to conceal the "thousand". After all, less than 20 thousand yuan of the cost of building sites easy to walk shortcuts".

"we are more concerned about the marketing ability of the line." In recent days, the operation of only a few months old brand website has a high-profile appearance, trying to use the amount of financing and expansion plans to prove strength. Handle network announced the acquisition of Europe’s largest group buying site Daily Deal founders and investors; F group announced the financing of $1 million 500 thousand; 24 ticket network also announced that it has received millions of dollars in the second round of angel investment. "Today you finance it?" to get cash China group purchase website for the capital in the intervention of a big fight.

fierce competition is not only reflected in the amount of financing, they choose to expand the position. Two months after the battle of the Beijing market, the U.S. mission network, handle network, the beginning of the rapid expansion of the 24 coupons second tier cities. U.S. mission network founder Wang Xing quietly put year target of 20 city, and 24 stamps, 5151 regiment 50 stronghold ambitions aimed at hide.

"now everyone is two or three months baby, even if the traditional e-commerce giant Taobao killed in, there is no absolute advantage, subtle war 24 coupons CEO Du Yinan look at this group purchase website feudal lords vying for the throne. In fact, Taobao’s "Juhuasuan" has already begun trying to group purchase business, but also bring love to help network club "in a threatening manner will kill. In Du Yinan’s view, these companies also need to explore the Groupon model of China and baptism.

Analysys International analyst Chen Shou send is that, after the late industry integration, the most difficult to scale website. But the future will be able to become China’s Groupon, most likely to have a strong user resources, such as e-commerce giant Taobao.

temptation college students venture into the sea

nearly 400 group purchase website melee, hidden behind all kinds of traders. Du Yinan, >

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