The social network pornographic and violent happy net is a copycat version

most recent news, after the acquisition of the campus network of thousands of oak group’s domain name has been an official visit. The domain name to the page industry is more well-known happy network layout is almost the same, the name is also called happy network, the entire page is yellow tone. Once launched, is known as the world’s most cattle cottage version of happy network". Even friends joked, Qianxiang rely on culture to create a "pornographic and violent" copycat version of "happy net", is the real purpose of the acquisition of campus network.


previously, along with the spread of the virus happy network, the domestic cottage version of happy network has been the hills. From to, with UCenter Home to build up more and more social networking sites. The popularity of social networking craze in social network software UCenter Home Comsenz under set off a wave of copycat. Copycat version of the happy network using the Manyou open platform Comsenz, make applications more and more applications in the copycat version of "happy net", many small and medium-sized forum immediately into the face of social networking sites of the king of the mountain, grab the user, and their friends and family colleagues had a fiery. now is the backstage boss campus network, the campus network is allegedly acquisition of chips. The has recently been forced to venture capital, to officially replace the domain name as a leader in the social media news. From to of the war to open to see, brand errors into 2008 China Internet legend, happy net or campus network acquisition, or the acquisition of another domain name, on the website brand with greater price hit a sky. on the line online, really happy net is really not happy? The owner of the domain name that had come to Beijing to join, happy net in financing after the completion of the formal introduction of Currently, has pointed to, ordinary users can not log on to the test address, only to see a social game description page. Happy network whether the social networking game as a financing chip, to become the most powerful social gaming brand is still unknown.

domestic social network war raging like a storm, the competition between the social networking site is more and more fierce, profit associated web games and social network has become a trend. In accordance with

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