Home Furnishing electric cliff to survive, whether the return of the king

the Internet has become an important way to subvert the traditional marketing, the Internet has become a major aspect of stifling the independent brand competitiveness of traditional enterprises, whether they like it or not, the electricity supplier is a step by step forced Home Furnishing market, has become a big industry to subvert the industry, Home Furnishing can no longer sit tight in Taishan, in the market competition on the more and more, the Home Furnishing electricity providers already smell the electric competition potential, began to actively layout Home Furnishing business market, the market with the Internet, especially the development of wind and mobile Internet, Internet wave Home Furnishing wavewave, Home Furnishing supplier can every Jedi, realize the grand aspirations of the return of the king, all this worth pondering.

Deep thinking of the Internet

The Internet has become an important way to change the

of my life to you, more and more industries have begun to change their thinking development, toward the Internet thinking development, and, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that the first quarter of 2014, the number of online shopping users have more than 310 million China. The next few years Chinese online shopping will continue to maintain rapid growth, by 2015 the number of users is expected to exceed 520 million, more and more Internet business Home Furnishing has seen the power of the Internet online shopping, are actively layout, from the original store to today’s online shopping mall flagship store opening, more and more business trying to catch Home Furnishing thinking of the Internet, net of development, in the "battleground" Home Furnishing electricity supplier market share.

Internet marketing "down to earth"

Internet marketing is different from the real economy characteristics of Internet marketing, marketing presentation virtualization, Internet thinking awareness, to rely on channels and the application platform is strong, therefore, the Internet marketing Home Furnishing electricity supplier can not because of some virtualization concept of speculation and marketing, relatively speaking, to expand the brand building and channel platform to build their own will is the key of Internet marketing, only active brand and channel integration, using effective marketing methods, interactive marketing and marketing combination of fans can enter the consumer psychology in the real meaning on the marketing characteristics of down to earth ", for the user to achieve the biggest benefit.

experience marketing "cliff Feng Yuan"

Home Furnishing electric cake is great, but the consumer experience is the priority among priorities, Home Furnishing different from some of the retail industry, convenient logistics makes consumption easy, after all Home Furnishing is a system engineering, for the entire logistics chain test for major, logistics cost and customer service experience and huge cost, therefore, the virtual marketing online is on the one hand, offline experience marketing is the "cliff survival" best "way out", Home Furnishing electricity supplier after Xianshui buy and appropriate "credit service" is in line with the user experience of the upgrade, the real market for the next line experience to do security, with effective Internet marketing for the next line sales experience and gather popularity, through the "experience marketing popular type of continuous open Home Furnishing electricity Cliff Road to survive.

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