Ma Yun accepted the invitation of the ndonesian government to do their country’s electricity suppli

Tencent science and technology news, according to foreign media reports Alibaba founder Jack Ma has accepted the invitation of the government of Indonesia, will serve as the country’s electricity supplier consultant.


last week, during the G20 summit in Hangzhou, President Djoko of Indonesia and his delegation visited the headquarters of Alibaba, and met with ma. During the meeting, the Minister of communications and information technology of the Indonesia Rudiantara proposed Ma to serve as adviser to the steering committee of the country. The committee is composed of 10 ministers and government agencies responsible for the development of Indonesia’s nascent e-commerce ecosystem.

Rudiantara today in an interview with reporters, said: "our steering committee really need consultants, and our advisers should be able to have the ability to be an international figure like Ma Yun."

the Commission, led by the Minister of economic affairs coordination Darmin Nasution, aims to help Indonesia’s 8 million SMEs in 2020 to achieve electricity supplier.

Alibaba group confirmed that Ma has accepted the invitation of the government of Indonesia.

we have begun to communicate with the government of Indonesia to see how we can help the development of SMEs in the country’s electricity supplier business, Alibaba said.

in the development of electricity providers, Indonesia in other Southeast Asian countries in the back. For example, as early as 1997, Malaysia set up an international advisory group to guide the development of the information technology industry.

analysts said that Ma Yun’s semi government positions may lead to conflicts of interest, because Alibaba has expanded business in Southeast asia. For example, Alibaba recently spent $1 billion acquisition of Singapore electricity supplier start-up company Lazada Group’s controlling stake, while obtaining 600 million potential customers.

asked Ma positions if the potential conflicts of interest, the Alibaba spokesman Ma will contribute to promoting the development of Indonesia’s electricity supplier industry, "the action is more convincing than words".

Indonesia electricity supplier association chairman Aulia Marinto said, we need to ensure that conflicts of interest will not occur, the committee members should include local consultants and industry organizations."


investors and local electricity supplier in Indonesia welcomed Ma served as the country’s electricity supplier consultant, because Ma from scratch to the Alibaba into a global business tycoon, has done a great thing.

Indonesia angel investor Shinta Dhanuwardoyo said: he experienced, wise, he is very valuable for the development of e-commerce ecosystem in Indonesia proposal." (compile / wing fly)

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